Friday, December 4, 2009

every drop counts.

a couple of weeks ago, i rolled groggily out of bed and stumbled over to the sink, as i do each morning. i slapped up the faucet, and was surprised by the spitting, random burst of water that shot out, and then quickly disappeared. i wanted nothing more in the world than to brush my teeth at that moment. we had twenty minutes to leave for preschool if we were going to make it on time. (i never claimed to be a morning person.) i gave an exasperated sigh, and went on with my morning. needless to say, the frustration was immense.

since that day, we have learned that the motor is going out on our water pump for the well we use. there's a trick to getting it to come back on, but it's, well...tricky. i have cussed, i have stomped, and i have pitched total fits about the inconvenience of this problem. when i turn on a faucet, dammit, there should be fresh, clean water at my disposal. that's the way it is, right? i need to do dishes! wash clothes! bathe myself or the kids! water the tree! drink! brush my teeth! flush the toilet! wash my hands!

as these days have passed, i have started to keep a pitcher filled by the sink, in case it goes out. i stopped buying bottled water. i remember a shot in charlie's lifebook video that shows his birthmother with a large plastic jug on her shoulder, beginning the walk to get water. i'm now calm when i make the (much shorter) walk out to the pump house with the screwdriver to turn it back on again. it happens up to 5 times a day. it happens in the cold, in the rain, at night. it's even happened while i was IN the shower. in a few more days, when we are added to county water, and we don't have this problem anymore, i hope i don't start to take it for granted again.

water. it's the most basic human necessity. we need it for almost everything. while we soak in hot, relaxing tubs...gallons of water, someone in the world looks at their thirsty child. can you even imagine? it's not fair. forget not being able to find a certain Barbie doll or Wii game this season. How about not being able to bathe, or take a drink without becoming sick? PLEASE donate something. everyone who contributes to this cause becomes a drop in the well that will be built. enough drops, and we fill it to the top.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Laughing With

so, here i sit, editing my little heart out to Pandora (Bon Iver with a little Ani thrown in) and on comes this Regina Specktor song i had never heard. it gave me CHILLS. as someone who religion is kinda lost on, it made me feel...something. which is progress. i don't know what the something was...whatevs, it's just a good song! listen...