Thursday, February 21, 2008

Becoming a mommy...

My heart has been so full today, just busting with love for my son. I know I have said this before, but the longer he is home, the more I think, "Okay, THIS is good now". It really does take time to settle in and adjust. Our experience with Charlie has been much better than we ever could have hoped for, but I truly feel that now things are normalizing. He is becoming much more affectionate on his own, less distracted by toys, better with other children, and finally seems to cling to me a little when in public. I don't shake inside every time I have to discipline him for fear of ruining our bonding. I don't think I panic as much on adoption issues vs. toddler issues...anything we are going through are "our" issues and we deal with them as a family.
All this leads to me, settling in to my role as mom. I am finally shedding the awkwardness of feeling like everyone is watching, waiting for me to screw it up. I know what he likes to eat for snacks, his favorite toys, juice, movies, and what all his funny faces mean. I know how to make him laugh the loudest. In turn, he is learning more about me, kissing my head when I say I have a headache, defending me if he thinks someone is hurting me or taking something of mine, giving hugs and kisses on his own. It's more amazing than I ever imagined, even after we were just home. I truly did not understand the impact that 6 months together would have. Charlie has been with us longer than he was at the Care Center. He knows this house inside and out. He remembers EVERYTHING we say, and he is always listening. He will ask me questions about a conversation I had with Adam or a friend that amaze me. And while I am bragging, let me move on to...the music.
I think we have a prodigy situation. Several weeks ago, we were in the car and Sweet Home Alabama came on. CF immediately calls out, "Patty Poo phone!" (That's my mom, and that IS her ringtone). I was so impressed! A couple of weeks later, we were watching his video lifebook. The intro has a greeting to CF and in the background is an instrumental piece of music. Charlie hears it and cries "Nemo!". I listened, and boy, it does sound like the score from Nemo. We pop it in, and I am no expert, but it is amazingly similar, if not the very same piece. After that, in the car again. Not five notes into a Green Day song, he shouts "CooKooLoo Movie!" (Surf's Up...yeah we are a movie family). Sure enough, there is a scene with that song in it. THEN Adam was singing a song from Shrek, and he got it too. He can also recognize some They Might Be Giants songs. Okay, this either proves that we let him watch way too many movies, or the kid is friggin amazing. I prefer the latter.
Earlier this week, Adam was wrestling around with Charlie and taught him the magic word to freeing himself from Daddy's clutches. Open Sesame. Well, Charlie took the magic and ran with it. Now he uses "Sesame" for everything. Example: As I type this, Charlie is dozing off in his crib in the next room. Ten minutes ago, however, he was calling, "Come 'ere, Mommy Sesame"....Of course, the magic worked on me, and I went in for one more good night kiss.
I am just. in. love.
Anyone who is having a hard time getting here, please take heart. It will happen, it will get easier, and the love will almost knock you over. Our amazing journey is living it's own happy ending, and so will yours.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally...the Zoo!

We have been looking forward to taking CF to the zoo since we got home! Of course, we wanted to wait until he would really enjoy it. He is now an animal pro and doesn't get as overwhelmed as he used to. I woke up at 7 and shook Adam awake and said "Let's do the zoo today!" He would have agreed to anything at that time of the morning, as long as I let him go back to sleep. So, at 10 we were on our way!

Studying up!

There's that fake smile!

A couple of times on the way, Charlie said things like, "No bazoo". (He adds a "B" sound to the beginning of "Z" words.) I don't think he realized what we were talking about. BUT as soon as we arrived, he got so excited.


We had fun on the carousel! Last time we were on one, it scared him a little.

Charlie and Daddy...

Mean Mommy making Charlie look at the camera!

CF reeeeeally loved this bird!


More zoo fun:


Needless to say, we will be back very soon. Charlie was not happy when we had to leave, but he was asleep before we left the parking lot. What a beautiful afternoon with my family.

Thanks for all the comments on the name blog. There were some funny ones, and also some great advice. I think we are sticking with the name!
Tonight we have another outing...a HUGE Ethiopia group gathering. I can't wait to see our friends again. I am bringing the camera, so I will post pics soon!
Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's in a name?

So, after many nights lying awake and having the name discussion, Adam and I have finally come up with something we both love. It sounds pretty, it's not too trendy, not over used....Drumroll, please...

Mallory Jess Beauchamp!
(Yes, we are aware of Mallory Keaton from Family Ties! ;)

Alas, after some more research tonight I discovered the meaning of the name.

Mallory: ill-omened, unlucky, unfortunate.

Well, @#$%.

So I pose this question to you, dear blogfriends:
Is the meaning of a name a reason to not use it? Are we setting our daughter up for ultimate unluckiness? Or is it all nonsense that we should disregard?
You know I love having input on every decision we make, it's way more fun this way...
So, give us your opinion...!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Batman and his baby......bro? sis? Read on!

Heeeeey bloggers! Well, yesterday was a long day at two different doctors. There had been some concern about the length of my cervix (interesting, I know) because of a procedure a couple of years ago. Because of this, we visited a high risk prenatal doctor and got the uber ultrasound. Not only did we get good news ( my cervix is totally fine!!) We also found out the sex of the baby!
Oh, you wanna know?
First, some pictures of my sweet little Batman...

Movie time?

CF has finally managed to cheese for the camera...It's a little fake, but adorable!

Batman sings the blues, baby!

Showing of his Bat moves

My hero!

Now, here is our superhero checking out pics of his baby SISTER!!!!

Charlie decided to cuddle, all on his own!

I almost came up off the table I was so excited when the told us. I seriously would have been happy either way, but I have just felt that it was girl the whole time, and I had gotten super excited about girly stuff. Almost ALL of my girlfriends are the mommies of only boys. We practically have a baseball team of cute little boys. Last night happened to be our girls night out, so it was fun to announce to the gang that we finally have a cheerleader. :)

Now some pictures from the ultrasound:

She only weighs 4 ounces, so she still has a long way to go. The black area on her head is where her skull is still fusing together. Amazing!

She was very active on the moniter, and here she is rubbing her eyes, like she is tired. It looks like she is tired of being photographed!

It's hard to really see facial features yet, but we were amazed by the pictures and getting to see her up close. What a boost to us...We have been a little worried for the last week. I can't wait to break out the pink, the butterflies, and the baby Uggs! :) I know Charlie will be a great big brother, and very protective of his sister. He already likes to talk to the baby!
Adam and I had some pretty comical conversations throughout the day about names. We simply cannot agree on one. It's almost impossible. But it's a fun problem to have, and we have plenty of time. I will post some new pictures of me and the belly soon, I promise!
Oh, and Dierdre....this is getting eerie, no? Hehe...
Thanks for sharing our good news with us here!
Love to all of you and your families!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tagged...and a bit of stage fright!

Wow, that's a lot of love on one blog entry! Now I am getting nervous...! I had so much fun reading them and finding so many awesome new blogs out there. I will add a few more tomorrow, but I am loving my long list!
I will try to post some new bump pics tomorrow, since we are now officially at 14 weeks. I went on a shopping adventure with my best friend Jess today. She needed a power suit and I needed any and all things elastic. Maternity clothes, though...I think I'll pass. Who decided that people don't want to LIKE their clothes when pregnant?? SO I got several pairs of calf length leggings and a bunch of cute long shirt/short dress tops. I did find one good pair of jeans...And a pair of black flats...and black boots. Okay, AND some makeup from Sephora. I feel much better, and can finally give my poor pair of brown yoga pants a much needed break. And of course, we found a great suit for Jess that will surely land her the teaching job of her dreams...right here in Lamar County, right Jess?? ;)
There was big news over on my friend Catherine's blog today...go have a look, and give some CONGRATS!!
Now for the fun survey, brought to you by Chandra and Virginia.

The 8

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

-The well-being of my children
-Letting people I love know I love them
-Making people laugh
-Really good food
-Planning events where tons of people come and share an amazing time
-Listening to music

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

-Go back to Ethiopia
-Get in shape
-Learn to swing dance
-See my children grow up and be happy
-Celebrate my 50th anniversary
-Drink Baileys in a pub in Ireland while listening to local music
-Leave the country for a trip with my best girlfriends
-Adopt another child (at least one!)

8 Things I Say Often:

-Charlie, NO
-I said no
-I love you!
-Fooooooooop! ( I have to edit myself now)
-I don't feel so good
-I'm hungry!
-I need a nap
-Where the heck is my ________?? Great, I lost my _______!! Oh, there it is.

8 TV Shows I've Recently Watched:

-Project Runway
-A Baby Story (baaaaaad idea)
-Ugly Betty
-The Doodlebops
-Sesame Street
-What Not to Wear

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over (in no particular order and off the top of my head):

-Graceland (Paul Simon)
-Ain't No Reason (Brett Dennen)
-Opium (Jump, Little Children)
-Galway Girl (Steve Earl)
-A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
-River (Joni Mitchell)
-I'll Be There For You (Bon Jovi)
-The Story (Brandi Carslile)

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends:

-Easy to laugh with
-Open minded
-Will share thier food with me (, really)

8 Things I've Learned (or been reminded of) This Past Year:

-My son, Charlie Fekadu is the most amazing person I have ever met
-I hate to move
-I am not as laid back as I like to think I am
-My husband and I have the best parents in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD
-I really do like to make people happy and have a good time
-I can get pregnant! (Thought so, but wasn't sure)
-I have a sometimes annoying need to be loved
-I have the most awesome group of friends

8 People I Think Should Do "8":

-Mrs. Baker

I am soooo tired from all that shopping...Time to go night night!
I leave you with some adorable pics of CF and my sis, Marlena, playing at the park! Thanks, Auntie M!