Friday, January 30, 2009

Family expansion!

Oh, no, ya don't. It's not that kind of expansion. But it is great news that I am really, really excited about.

This is Amber. Amber was my only employee at Ever After. She was my organizer, my second shooter, my receptionist, my friend, and my sounding board.I have known her, through her parents, since she was about 12. She is creative, funny, sensitive, and oh so helpful. After I closed the studio, Amber moved around a bit, looking for something she could fall in love with, like she had photography. On Thursday I remembered that I had not talked to her in awhile, so I gave her a little text. She was in town, and within an hour was at my house, catching me up. Turns out her current situation had led her back home to her parents house. I suggested she stay the night with us, and within a few hours, I knew we would ask her to stay. She's amazing with children. It's part of what made her so special to photograph them with. She's also a cleaning fool. Adam and I discussed it this morning, and decided that we would invite Amber to live with us, as a guest/part-time nanny/light housekeeper/friend/family member. Adam is finishing the basement right now, and will be putting her a nice bedroom there. One of the stipulations...We are going to make sure she gets enrolled at college this fall.She is young, and has so much potential. I never, ever thought I would feel comfortable with someone living with us, but it's so much fun, and such a huge help. I also told her that this is not a Cinderella arrangement, and we will of course, still take care of our children. But yes folks, she will be on laundry detail, and NO, I don't feel bad about it. We are ALL totally stoked! Welcome to our home, Ambrosia. <3

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is it summer yet?

Not that it's even that cold here, but bleh, is winter boooooring. I'm ready to go to the pool! Play volleyball! Eat a big fat grilled burger! Soon, enough, summer.
Things are relatively well here at the Beauchamp home. Business as usual...Adam off to work, the kids and I hanging out and playing and preschool, then all of us cramming as much fun and as many errands into the weekend as possible.
Charlie bowled for the first time on Saturday. We all went for my brother in law's THIRTIETH birthday. Everyone had fun...well, okay chasing Charlie around did get a little tiring. He loved the bowling, and actually scored better than my mother. (Sorry, Mom!) :) Adam almost died when Charlie casually walked by one of the pool tables and...PLOP!...knocked a guy's cue ball onto the floor without a second glance. Luckily, the guy wasn't playing for cash.
Charlie and the Nintendo DS broke up. We had to do it. He wasn't taking very good care of it. (He bit off some little plastic piece). Plus there is something disturbing about your 2 year old being that engrossed in something as often as he can. So, bye, bye, Mario, we shall see thee in the future, I am sure. Thanks for that one night at the airport.
Mallory is steadily earning herself a new nickname, Grunt. She doesn't usually cry when she's tired, she makes this God-awful, loud, moaning, grunty...thing. It's loud. Like you can't hear the person next to you speaking. But the louder it gets, the closer she is to nodding off. It's pretty funny. She will be 6 big months in a few days. She's starting to laugh more, be more comfy on her tummy, and is almost ready to sit up. She's a big squishy love ball.
Today I went with my sister to the doctor and heard the heartbeat of my tiny niece or nephew. It was awesome, and she is doing so great. (I think it's a boy...) ;)
Charlie has had quite a few zingers lately:

Me..."Charlie, can I have some of your lemonade?"
Charlie..."No, Mom, lemonade is too sour for girdles" (how he says 'girls')

Me..."Charlie, get over here and eat NOW"
Charlie...(shaking head) "Mom...I can't take this anymore."

Me..."Woah, I almost totally ran off the road".
Charlie..."Mom, you a really bad driver!"

Charlie..."Can I watch Ghostbusters again?"
Me..."Um, okay."
Charlie..."Mom, whass that green guy doin'?"
Me..."That's Slimer...he slimes people."
Charlie..."'Cause why?"
Me..."'Cause that's what he does.
Charlie..."Where'd that 'nother Ghostbuster go?"
Me..."Venkman? He got slimed and fell down."
Charlie..."Cause why?"
Charlie..."Why dat ghost in the liberry for?"
Me..."I don't know babe, but it's just a movie. There aren't really ghosts that are scary, okay?"
Charlie..."I'm brave, Mom."
Me..."I know."
Charlie..."Mom? Whass dat big marshmallow doin'?"
Me..."Okay, enough Ghostbusters."

Me..."Hey babe! Did you have a good day at school?"
Charlie..."Yeah, Mom. I didn't bite anybodyyyyyy, I didn't spit anybody's faaaaaaace, I didn't push anybodyyyyyyy. I didn't get in nooooo twouble!"
Me..."Well...that's good?"

What else is new? Oh, I know. I've lost 10 pounds!! Wooootwooooot!
More later, but for now, a couple of old photos.
Repeat...I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair....

And can someone please tell me where this baby boy went??

I miss my blog, as usual. See you again, soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009


So apparently, my blogger's block hasn't ended. Throughout the day, I usually have thoughts like, "oh, I'll blog this!" ...lately, not so much. The thought of stringing together coherent thoughts makes me nervous. I have been a little out of sorts lately. Not unhappy, not bored, but...something. Something inside me has been feeling off, and I don't know what it is. Everything is fine, I am happy and blessed and life is great. Maybe I just need therapy!
So, to get some of my thoughts out, I have decided to use bullet points for tonight's blog. The ultimate cure for lack of cleverness.

*Adam and I saw Benjamin Button. I was a choking, sobbing mess in the end, and was grateful that we saw the late show and left at 1:30 am. I can't stop thinking about the movie...I feel like it's something that happened to me, rather than something I saw.

*Tomorrow we get a new president (did you hear?). Let me refrain from being annoying and ---Oh, screw it WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I'm so grateful for my friends. Some of my very best ones just left my house after dinner, tv, wine, and great conversation. They brighten my world.

*I'm starting to doubt my ability to successfully parent a stubborn, strong willed child. Charlie is a handful lately, and I just can't seem to get him to WANT to be nice. He is still sweet usually, but just isn't listening. Mallory is going through such a cute, sweet age that the contrast of the two makes me guessed it....GUILTY.

*I am becoming a better cleaner these days.

*I want a WiiFit!

*I really miss Adam. Sometimes these weeks are so long without him here.

*For girl's night out last week, I brought along an old friend. Seeing her have so much fun made my night. Thanks, April, for finally coming out with us!

*I hate tax season, because my mom is so busy! We really miss her this time of year.

*My sister and her hubby are getting ready to move in to their own place! I am so excited and proud of her. Little family of three will be right at home there.

*I have GOT to take my camera to be fixed because I am going nuts without one.

*I want Julie and Steven's proposal to come. Now.

*I am thinking about skipping preschool tomorrow, mainly because I am not sure I have enough gas to make it, and I don't think I want to even deal with it. That's pretty terrible, I know.

*We are letting Charlie's hair grow out and it looks adorable!

*I finally watched The Dark Knight last night and it was AWESOME. I asked about 674 questions throughout the movie.

*To end on a happy note, do YA KNOW what tomorrow is???? ;)

So there. Some of the things that are on my mind, without me having to put them in paragraph form. Lazy, uninspired, yes...I need to shake this off!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's time again!

Anyone else do this? Every year, I swear I'm not gonna watch it...and as always, I am glued.
And it's really far. Lovin' the pink haired gal.
I heart Simon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

And I ra-aaan...

Flock of Seagulls, anyone?
Last night was Night Two at the gym with Jess. We took an amazing yogalates class that really helped me regain my ability to walk like a human, rather than a zombie. After that, we hit the treadmill again. This time, I took Jessica's advice and brought my Ipod. I don't have one of the awesome new ones, mine is an old clunker from about 3 years ago. (Cat, remember the year we had the big birthday party and got our Ipods?) But I dug it up, charged it, and brought it with me. The difference was immediate and obvious. I ran for most of the 25 minutes, which is something I have never been able to do before. I know there are alot of you that are runners, and I have always heard tell of "the hill". That point where you are about to vomit, or die, or both, but you don't stop. You keep going and all of a sudden, you're kinda flying, and it gets easier. I don't know if it was just the music that helped me, or if I'm just getting used to moving at more than a slacker pace. I have always shuddered at the thought of running (for fun? what??) but now I think that maybe, maybe, there is a runner hidden somewhere inside of me. I don't know if she will ever run a marathon, half-marathon, or even a 5k, but it's nice to know that I could maybe, possibly think about day. Ish.
Speaking of my Ipod...scrolling through it last night, looking for motivational tunes as I ran was a bit comical. I remember my brother going though it once in my car and calling out "FOLK....ACOUSTIC....FOLK....ACOUSTIC....BEATLES....FOLK". It made me laugh again last night as I ran like hell to Ani Difranco (which was surprisingly inspiring) and The Countours "Do you Love Me". (Which was great as well). Since I stopped updating my Ipod, my musical taste has evolved to include more modern tunage, thanks to my ultra hip rockstar girlfriends.
So, let's play a game. I am now going to shuffle through and list the first 15 songs I come across. Here goes:

-Wouldn't it Be Nice by The Beach Boys
-Keep on Lovin' You by REO Speedwagon (just realized this could get embarrassing.)
-From Me to You by the Beatles
-Any Other World by Mika
-Touch Me by The Doors
-Closer to The Heart by Rush
-I Want You by Bob Dylan
-Buddy Holley by Weezer
-Either Way by Guster
-The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies
-Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis
-Sober by Tool
-The Bitch is Back by Elton John (now there's one you could run to)
-Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
-Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol (another fast one, wow!)

So, you can see that while I have IMPECCABLE taste in music, I do seem to lean towards the slower songs. Which makes the treadmill even more of an adventure.

Upon arriving home from the gym last night, Charlie, who can spot any electronic device from a mile away, made a beeline for my Ipod and has had it nearby ever since. He loves it. Notice the euphoric look on his face. If only you could see the slammin' dance moves that go along with it.

Here are a couple more pics from this morning. Charlie asks to help, I promise!

We are getting together with our ATL ET group tomorrow to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas which was Wednesday, and I can't wait! Melkam Genna!! Hope everyone in Blogland has a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got celery?

Yeah, that's not me, don't get excited. Just motivational! Here we are on day three. 1500 calories for the last couple of days and 700-ish so far today. I can definitely feel a difference...the difference being that I am used to suppressing any traces of hunger immediately with a double stack, mac and cheese, or a frozen burrito smothered in sour cream. I can tell I am eating enough, because I have plenty of energy and I don't feel dizzy or anything, but the change is taking some getting used to. Breakfast is pretty easy. I like scrambled egg whites on a bagel with a teensy bit of cream cheese. Lunch is okay, too. I have some Lean Cuisines, and today I made tuna salad WITHOUT mayo, which I think may be illegal in some states (or it should be). Stupid calorie free mustard. Bleh. A lot of my problem is portion sizes, so I will still be partaking in some of my old faves, but counting calories and setting limitations. And I am drinking ONLY water, other than a 4 ounce shot of OJ in the morning. I've always loved drinking water, so I do get a break there.
Jess and I ventured back into the gym last night. The parking lot was packed, and we had a little giggle about January being their biggest month. We thought we were there for a Group Power class, which is weights and resistance training. The class came highly recommended by our friend Laurie, so we were excited. Even when we learned that we were actually in line for the hour "Gut and Butt" class. Okay, well that sounds important, so we did it.
And today I could kick someones gut and butt. (I'M SO SORE!) We did lunges across the room, back and forth, back and forth. We did squats for days. Crunches. Leg lifts. Torture. After the class, we hobbled to the treadmills and ran/walked for 20 minutes. I have friends that run marathons, and I can't run for more than 5 minutes without choking. It's shocking that I am in such poor shape. On the way home, as we always do, we felt great about what we had done and were pumped and excited about coming back this week. What would I do without my gym buddies??
Here's a little tip, too. There are no calories in most hot sauces. Thank you, diet gods!

Monday, January 5, 2009


The writer's strike has ended!

I don't know what came over me, abandoning one of my great loves for so long. I got lazy, way too introspective, busy, apathetic, sappy, and happy. All of which led to my blogvoidance period. I am so back and ready to get this year on!
Let me share some photos from our amazing holidays. This year was so much more fun for me (no morning sickness) and for Charlie. He really got into it, and it was a blast. Mal loved it too, of course, because she pretty much loves everything.

Looks like fun, huh? It was. We had great food, and a bunch of new games. Games are big in our house at the holidays. We had several going at once, and we are lucky that our closest friends also join us at my parent's house. My parents are the coolest. Seriously. Several of us stayed the night, and we were there a lot for the next few days. There was some serious vegging going on! I do have more photos, like some from out annual Calloway trip, that I will add asap!

On to New Year's, where if you know us, you know there was a party. THE party. Jess and I had worked on a theme, decorations, the right playlist, the lights, the drinks. It was amazing fun. Just like Halloween, she and Wes' garage was transformed into our own little dance club. There were several new faces, which was fun. About 10 minutes before midnight, everyone gathered in the garage, arms linked and swaying together belting out Dan Fogelberg's Another Auld Lang Syne. (Technically a Christmas song, but it works.) It was one of the best moments with my friends and family that I can remember. Minutes later, the countdown ensued, and the year was over. The celebration was everywhere. Hugs, kisses, noisemakers. This year I really feel a sense of renewal, more than ever before.

I guess it's cliche to make changes this time of year (and then forget them by March) but I have several in the works, and I feel like '09 is going to give me that chance that I need. I'm going to lose weight, save money, be better to my kids and myself (oh, okay, Adam too) and I'm going to become the most awesomest aunt ever! My mom has a big birthday this year, my sister graduates from college AND becomes a mommy, my best friend, well, she has big plans, too. Charlie will turn three, and Mallory one. The summer will bring pool parties, volleyball, margaritas, and new friends and new babies. My baby girl will walk. My hubby has a great job. We are going to the beach.
Why do I sometimes forget how lucky I am?

Let's chat about these kiddos of mine.
Charlie as of today:

This dude. For starters, he has been under the impression that he is the only kid who is home from school right now. He was talking about it the other day and asked "Hey, Mom, do those guys miss me?" I tried to explain that everyone is on break for the holiday. I know he's ready to go more week!
Also, somehow I think he is a teenager in an almost three year old body. In the last few weeks, I have gone from being "mommy!" to being "mooo-ooom!" The entire package includes eye-rolling, hip swaying and exasperated head-shaking. Order now and you will recieve such phrases as "Geez, Mom, relax!" and "Could you keep it down, I'm watching a movie!" and not to be forgotten "You guys are driving me bananas!"
I want a refund, please, and my sweet guy back.
Despite the attitude, Charlie remains as affectionate and loving as ever. He randomly tells me he loves me all the time. Then he'll say "I love Daddy, too, and I love Mallory, too."
What else?
He can write the letter 'A'. That makes me happy. His new favorite word is "pologize!" (He uses it a lot). He is the person who can make Mallory laugh the loudest, usually by pretending to fall down or hit himself. And the boy loves to cook. I could see him as a chef, but he informed me recently that he would like to be a plumber when he grows up, like Mario. :)

Here she is today, on her 5 month birthday:

My bouncing butterball of love. This girl is so meant to be one of us. She and Charlie are quite the pair, and she is so laid back like the rest of us. She is teething, so we have some fussy moments, but for the most part, she is good as gold. Sometimes I have to back off and not over fuss with her. She was fussing recently and squirming in my arms, so I just plunked her down in the crib, and she drifted to sleep immediately, almost saying "Thanks for finally putting me down, woman!" She is doing great with cereal twice a day and is so cute with the spoon. It's a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to smashing up some veggies for her soon. She sleeps (don't throw things) from about 9pm to 9am. Straight. (I do know that karma is a bitch, and I am going to have the most rebellious teenager in the world on my hands). This little doll weighed in at 17 pounds a month ago. She'll have her big brother in a headlock in no time, I can feel it.
All in all, these two are my heart and my joy, and I didn't realize how having the both of them would make me love them each even more. It's the biggest gift of my life. (I think we have one more of these types of gifts out there in the world, waiting, for one day...)

Going back to the is the first day of my (gulp) diet-that's-not-a-diet-'cause-diets-don't-work'-it's-a-lifestyle-change. I am basically having to cut the calories I was consuming by more than HALF. I mean, I ate what I want, when I wanted it for the last YEAR. So far, today has been okay. I'm a little hungry, but it kinda feels good. Hunger means that my body is snacking on a little piece of gut rather than a Big Mac for once. I ordered a Dance Cardio DVD by Gweneth and Madonna's trainer (am I ambitious or what??) and penciled in 4 gym classes for the week. I can do this, because I have to do it. I want to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. When I see photos lately, I, that's not at all the way I see myself. I am about 24 pounds overweight, so the goal is 25 pounds gone by my birthday. My TWENTYNINTH birthday, in June. Yowsa, I hope this is a slow year.
So, wish me luck there. I have only attempted this a few times, but never lasts long. This IS however, my first postnatal go at it, and I hope I can keep the willpower.

I will not abandon you again, dear blog!!