Monday, January 26, 2009

Is it summer yet?

Not that it's even that cold here, but bleh, is winter boooooring. I'm ready to go to the pool! Play volleyball! Eat a big fat grilled burger! Soon, enough, summer.
Things are relatively well here at the Beauchamp home. Business as usual...Adam off to work, the kids and I hanging out and playing and preschool, then all of us cramming as much fun and as many errands into the weekend as possible.
Charlie bowled for the first time on Saturday. We all went for my brother in law's THIRTIETH birthday. Everyone had fun...well, okay chasing Charlie around did get a little tiring. He loved the bowling, and actually scored better than my mother. (Sorry, Mom!) :) Adam almost died when Charlie casually walked by one of the pool tables and...PLOP!...knocked a guy's cue ball onto the floor without a second glance. Luckily, the guy wasn't playing for cash.
Charlie and the Nintendo DS broke up. We had to do it. He wasn't taking very good care of it. (He bit off some little plastic piece). Plus there is something disturbing about your 2 year old being that engrossed in something as often as he can. So, bye, bye, Mario, we shall see thee in the future, I am sure. Thanks for that one night at the airport.
Mallory is steadily earning herself a new nickname, Grunt. She doesn't usually cry when she's tired, she makes this God-awful, loud, moaning, grunty...thing. It's loud. Like you can't hear the person next to you speaking. But the louder it gets, the closer she is to nodding off. It's pretty funny. She will be 6 big months in a few days. She's starting to laugh more, be more comfy on her tummy, and is almost ready to sit up. She's a big squishy love ball.
Today I went with my sister to the doctor and heard the heartbeat of my tiny niece or nephew. It was awesome, and she is doing so great. (I think it's a boy...) ;)
Charlie has had quite a few zingers lately:

Me..."Charlie, can I have some of your lemonade?"
Charlie..."No, Mom, lemonade is too sour for girdles" (how he says 'girls')

Me..."Charlie, get over here and eat NOW"
Charlie...(shaking head) "Mom...I can't take this anymore."

Me..."Woah, I almost totally ran off the road".
Charlie..."Mom, you a really bad driver!"

Charlie..."Can I watch Ghostbusters again?"
Me..."Um, okay."
Charlie..."Mom, whass that green guy doin'?"
Me..."That's Slimer...he slimes people."
Charlie..."'Cause why?"
Me..."'Cause that's what he does.
Charlie..."Where'd that 'nother Ghostbuster go?"
Me..."Venkman? He got slimed and fell down."
Charlie..."Cause why?"
Charlie..."Why dat ghost in the liberry for?"
Me..."I don't know babe, but it's just a movie. There aren't really ghosts that are scary, okay?"
Charlie..."I'm brave, Mom."
Me..."I know."
Charlie..."Mom? Whass dat big marshmallow doin'?"
Me..."Okay, enough Ghostbusters."

Me..."Hey babe! Did you have a good day at school?"
Charlie..."Yeah, Mom. I didn't bite anybodyyyyyy, I didn't spit anybody's faaaaaaace, I didn't push anybodyyyyyyy. I didn't get in nooooo twouble!"
Me..."Well...that's good?"

What else is new? Oh, I know. I've lost 10 pounds!! Wooootwooooot!
More later, but for now, a couple of old photos.
Repeat...I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair....

And can someone please tell me where this baby boy went??

I miss my blog, as usual. See you again, soon.


Julie said...

Those pics are gorgeous. Congrats on losing 10 lbs! That's a lot! And I agree, sometimes lemonade is too sour for girdles!

Dahlia said...

Congrats for loosing that much! I'ts always so nice to read your blog. I really like the way you write and your photos are beatiful!

April and Doug said...

Heather - just cut your hair! Just do it! :) And yeah look at little Chuck!!!! Isn't it amazing how big they get soooo fast. And those Charlie conversations always crack me up.

Catherine said...

The conversations are hilarious!
I bet all that weight fell off with all the dancing we have been doing at the parties lately!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is such an awesome kid... great personality... big personality. Can't wait to see him again, soon... Grunt too. :)

J-Mac said...

Man, I can't believe how big Charlie Pants has gotten! LOVES!!!