Monday, October 29, 2007

Guess where I am posting from??

Our new house! Yep, we are unofficially moved in. Meaning most of our stuff is still at the little house, but it will be much easier to work and paint and clean if Charlie is able to sleep here.
(Background story...we moved into the house Adam grew up in. His bro and sis-in-law lived here for a few years and just left last week for Bellingham, WA.) :( We miss you guys, but we hope you are loving it out there! We will visit soon. Charlie asked me where Robby was the other day!
My wonderful mom in law and I got his room painted today, and the whole living room is done as well. I went around taking pics today so I can do a before and after post soon! We are so happy to be here with all this space and ideas for what we want to do...It's all so exciting! Tomorrow we are going to look at carpet and paint the den. I will give you a hint on the colors we chose...They sure are BRIGHT! yaaaay!
I am exausted and I wish I could post more. Still working 2 jobs and working on the house and chasing after the youngin. He is loving the new place also. And what a great helper! Pics soon, promise!!!
Love to you!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got tagged - and yes, I feel special!!

So when I saw that I had been tagged by Carrie and Cathy, I thought surely there was another, far more interesting Heather out here in blogland. You know how sometimes you see someone waving and smiling in your direction, so you get all happy and smile and wave back, and then the person behinds you runs over to them and it's like, their cousin or something? Yeah, that's been me a few times. Haha...I have done something similar on this blog so it might be repetitive, but here goes:

Jobs I've Held:

Arby's (I was the Drive Thru Queen. ahem.)
Movie theater employee (popcorn, free movies, fun times!)
Photography company manager (not of the whole company, but a chunk of GA.)
Waitress/Bartender (currently back on the bar wagon a couple nights a week. It's fun!)
Photography Studio Owner/Photographer (still doing this, just out of the house now. I will never not have this job!)

Places I've Lived:

Douglasville, GA
Griffin, GA
Milner, GA
(sigh. So not fabulous, I know.)

Foods I Love:

-Peperoncinis - I eat them by the jar.
-Any veggie wat with injera
-...(brace yourself people)....TACO BELL. yummm.
-Black beans mushed up with cream cheese and covered in Cholula sauce with tortillas. Seriously, TRY THIS.
-Grilled cheese sandwich with chili on the side.

Places I Would Rather Be

Ethiopia - I miss it so much already.
Paris - With unlimited shopping money.
Any beach, Anywhere.
Disneyworld with my boys!
NYC with my gals!

Movies I Love:
Oh this is hard. There are soooooo many. I will pick a few.

Adventures in Babysitting
Bridget Jones' Diary
V for Vendetta
Life is Beautiful
The Descent
Terms of Endearment
Pan's Labyrinth
All the Rocky movies
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Never Been Kissed

Okay,Okay! I will stop.

TV Shows I Watch:

-Pushing Daisies - Carrie, I am so with you. BEST NEW SHOW hands down. Quickly becoming one of my all time faves. How smart is this show? And Ned, helllooooooo....
-LOST- We are fanatics. Welcome to the insanity, Laura and Brian!
-Ugly Betty - also some of the most clever writing. It cracks me up.
Quick plug for more good new shows! (Fall is my favorite time of year for several reasons...) Dirty Sexy Money is EXCELLENT. Gossip Girl is EH, but watchable. Reaper is hilarious, but it did not make the Tivo cut.

Tag You Are It:
Since I put too many answers to most of the questions, I might as well tag more than my allotted amount of people. I'm so greedy!


Get to bloggin', ladies!
Oh, and because I know you care more about these than random Heather ya go!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our first trip to the park...!

Yesterday we had the afternoon off. I was so excited to take Charlie to the park, and the weather was great...still too hot, but we are getting there. On the way, we picked up Chase, who Charlie just adores. It was a lot of fun...other than changing the caca diaper in the back of the car. Yay. Sorry for poop stories.
While at the park, I got a call from my friend Susan, who I worked with years ago at Buffalos. She works at another local bar now, and said the owner wanted to know if I would be interested in coming in to work some shifts every now and then, maybe a regular night a week. Starting that night! I quickly forgot my vow to never wait tables again and remembered how awesome it was to have money, once upon a time, so I said YES. It's a really cool little place, and I know alot of the regulars from my old days. We had a blast working together and may I say, we made a NICE amount of money. The DJ welcomed me several times, and we played "Back in the Saddle" on the jukebox in my honor. Good times! I can still mix a drink with the best of them! Well, no one complained anyway. So, I am going back tomorrow night while Adam stays home with Charlie. It sucks to be away from him, but it is much better than if I were at the studio 40 hours a week. So cheers for old friends, good times, and (gasp!) being able to shop again.
I know you want the are some pics from the park!

Buddies, Chase and Charlie

Yaaaay Daddy...UGA vs. Tech in this pic!

Am I too scared to let him go alone, or do I just enjoy the slide? The world may never know...

I got you!

He is so much fun!


There's the silly face I love!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall Fun at the Farm...with the Fam!

Friday night we joined some of our best friends down on the farm! They had a pumpkin patch, cow train for the kids, lots of good bad food (funnel cake!) hayrides, farm animals and, the reason we went...the corn maze. We had lots of fun. I wish I had pictures of us in that "maize", but it was so dark, and after about 40 minutes of weaving through corn and going in circles, I was ready to send up a signal flare. It was great fun though. We took turns jumping out and scaring each other, and did a victory dance when we finally emerged. (And listened to the guys say they knew the way all along. ahem.)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time to go Knit-Knit!

Charlie's lovely and talented Nana brought this over yesterday. Cutest. thing. Ever.
And he actually loves wearing hats! Score!
Tonight she brought over the cutest little pants she made too. Yay for Nana!!
Now, bring on the cold weather!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Splish Splash, Cook-a-loo!

All birds are cook-a-loos to Charlie these days. We are still working on giving those birds individual, chicken, ect. But he really loves his rubber ducky. Just not in the tub usually. UNTIL...Monday night. I don't know why, but it was the first bath time we have had were he didn't scream the whole time, and I didn't have to use one arm to hold him in the tub and the other to bathe him. I showed him how much fun it is to pour water from one cup to another, and wow. The kid loved it. Nevermind all the bath toys that we have tried to introduce to make it more fun. All we needed was a couple of plastic cups. Sigh.
Also, I have realized that I am raising the world's hardest to photograph child! He won't look up at me, won't smile, and won't stop reaching for the camera! Arg. I am going to have to start staying back and using my zoom lens. I am so disappointed that I still don't have and really really great photos of him. Okay, I mean, there are no BAD photos of this sweetie, but you know what I mean.
Let's see....How about some cute Charlie stories... I am sure I have some...

*The other day, I let him try a bite of an ice cream sandwich. It was his first ice cream as far as I know, and the cold shocked him. He thought it was hot, I guess, because he was trying to blow it. Then he chewed a few time, took the mush out handed it back to me, and told me it was "ca ca". Hmmm....

*When I am rocking him to sleep, he says "night-night" to everyone we know. He also waves when he does it...."Ni-noc, Nana"...."Ni-noc, Pa-Poo"...Ni-noc, Ma-lala"....sooo cute.

*He loves to find bugs, and I think he is very proud of the English words he knows....For example, we will see a bug on the patio. Charlie will crouch down, point to it, look at me frantically and say "BUG!?" The conversation goes like this:
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Yes, that's a bug.
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Mmmhmm, BUG. Big Bug.
Charlie: BUG!!!???
Mommy" Yep, you are right. That's a BUG.
Charlie: BUG?!
Mommy: Uh-huh, Charlie that is a bug...
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Hey, let's go get some juice! Yummy!
He also does this with moon, water, and monkey. SO funny.

*Charlie will pretend to have his finger stuck in something and act out this painful looking drama sequence so you will run over and kiss it better. Then he laughs at you for falling for it every time.

*He loves to be chased, and can grab anything and run faster than you can think about trying to hide it from him. He doesn't break things, just wants you to come after him. It's a lot of fun.

*He dances to anything, even if my phone rings and Hall and Oates or Imogen Heap songs come out of it.

*He will only go down a slide backwards, and on his belly.

*He says "I luff ayooo!" I wish I could bottle that little voice and save it forever! So sweet.

Okay, so there are a few cute-isms for today. I can't think of anything else going on really, because, know. :) Hopefully I will have some good photos to post soon.