Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time to go Knit-Knit!

Charlie's lovely and talented Nana brought this over yesterday. Cutest. thing. Ever.
And he actually loves wearing hats! Score!
Tonight she brought over the cutest little pants she made too. Yay for Nana!!
Now, bring on the cold weather!


Renee said...

Charlie has the biggest beautiful eyes and those eyelashes0 just gorgeous!

stephanie said...

It must be hard not to nibble on him with all that cuteness.

cathy said...

How cute! When his head gets hot under the hat, does the sweat make all his curls tighten up? That happens to Z and I love it!

Handlyrics said...

THOSE EYES are to die for. I cant wait until my lil one is home.

Gypsy said...

He needs to be the next Gap Baby! He is so beautiful!

Diane said...

Oh my god, he is so cute! I hope my kid is half as cute!