Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our first trip to the park...!

Yesterday we had the afternoon off. I was so excited to take Charlie to the park, and the weather was great...still too hot, but we are getting there. On the way, we picked up Chase, who Charlie just adores. It was a lot of fun...other than changing the caca diaper in the back of the car. Yay. Sorry for poop stories.
While at the park, I got a call from my friend Susan, who I worked with years ago at Buffalos. She works at another local bar now, and said the owner wanted to know if I would be interested in coming in to work some shifts every now and then, maybe a regular night a week. Starting that night! I quickly forgot my vow to never wait tables again and remembered how awesome it was to have money, once upon a time, so I said YES. It's a really cool little place, and I know alot of the regulars from my old days. We had a blast working together and may I say, we made a NICE amount of money. The DJ welcomed me several times, and we played "Back in the Saddle" on the jukebox in my honor. Good times! I can still mix a drink with the best of them! Well, no one complained anyway. So, I am going back tomorrow night while Adam stays home with Charlie. It sucks to be away from him, but it is much better than if I were at the studio 40 hours a week. So cheers for old friends, good times, and (gasp!) being able to shop again.
I know you want the are some pics from the park!

Buddies, Chase and Charlie

Yaaaay Daddy...UGA vs. Tech in this pic!

Am I too scared to let him go alone, or do I just enjoy the slide? The world may never know...

I got you!

He is so much fun!


There's the silly face I love!


Jess Addison said...

Chase had so much fun with you guys!! I hope I'll be able to make it next time!! xoxo

Handlyrics said...

LOVE IT!! We have a future Tarheel fan coming home soon.

TECH better watch out! :)


Diane said...

More great pics! Wish you were bartending near me, that would be fun!

cathy said...

I truly feel our last hurdle with Z is for him to quit yelling "I have to go caca!!!" at the top of his voice in public places. Gee. The kid has no shame.

Lovely pics of your sweet boy.

Laura said...

Glad you guys had fun. He is very cute. Crazy cute!

Kari said...

Seeing you guys in these pics makes me miss you so much!

I too wish you were bartending up here! But, I know who is making drinks when we all get together this summer! :)

You guys look great and Charlie is as adorable as ever. I love the silly face one. You can see how much he has changed since ET already.
Miss you!