Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Splish Splash, Cook-a-loo!

All birds are cook-a-loos to Charlie these days. We are still working on giving those birds individual names...duck, chicken, ect. But he really loves his rubber ducky. Just not in the tub usually. UNTIL...Monday night. I don't know why, but it was the first bath time we have had were he didn't scream the whole time, and I didn't have to use one arm to hold him in the tub and the other to bathe him. I showed him how much fun it is to pour water from one cup to another, and wow. The kid loved it. Nevermind all the bath toys that we have tried to introduce to make it more fun. All we needed was a couple of plastic cups. Sigh.
Also, I have realized that I am raising the world's hardest to photograph child! He won't look up at me, won't smile, and won't stop reaching for the camera! Arg. I am going to have to start staying back and using my zoom lens. I am so disappointed that I still don't have and really really great photos of him. Okay, I mean, there are no BAD photos of this sweetie, but you know what I mean.
Let's see....How about some cute Charlie stories... I am sure I have some...

*The other day, I let him try a bite of an ice cream sandwich. It was his first ice cream as far as I know, and the cold shocked him. He thought it was hot, I guess, because he was trying to blow it. Then he chewed a few time, took the mush out handed it back to me, and told me it was "ca ca". Hmmm....

*When I am rocking him to sleep, he says "night-night" to everyone we know. He also waves when he does it...."Ni-noc, Nana"...."Ni-noc, Pa-Poo"...Ni-noc, Ma-lala"....sooo cute.

*He loves to find bugs, and I think he is very proud of the English words he knows....For example, we will see a bug on the patio. Charlie will crouch down, point to it, look at me frantically and say "BUG!?" The conversation goes like this:
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Yes, that's a bug.
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Mmmhmm, BUG. Big Bug.
Charlie: BUG!!!???
Mommy" Yep, you are right. That's a BUG.
Charlie: BUG?!
Mommy: Uh-huh, Charlie that is a bug...
Charlie: BUG!?
Mommy: Hey, let's go get some juice! Yummy!
He also does this with moon, water, and monkey. SO funny.

*Charlie will pretend to have his finger stuck in something and act out this painful looking drama sequence so you will run over and kiss it better. Then he laughs at you for falling for it every time.

*He loves to be chased, and can grab anything and run faster than you can think about trying to hide it from him. He doesn't break things, just wants you to come after him. It's a lot of fun.

*He dances to anything, even if my phone rings and Hall and Oates or Imogen Heap songs come out of it.

*He will only go down a slide backwards, and on his belly.

*He says "I luff ayooo!" I wish I could bottle that little voice and save it forever! So sweet.

Okay, so there are a few cute-isms for today. I can't think of anything else going on really, because, well....you know. :) Hopefully I will have some good photos to post soon.


Rachel B. said...

Popping over from the forum. My son just turned 2.5 and it's the first time in about a year and a half that I've been able to request he look at the camera or just stand still long enough to take his photo. We have tons of adorable photos of him until he learned to walk then nothing but action shots. It is pretty sweet when they pick up on "cheese" though... so you've got that to look forward to in the photography realm!

stephanie said...

Omg, I cant' get over his eyelashes. Loved the "isms"!

gr8dc2b said...

Love love love your post. It makes me miss you so much. Charlie sounds like he is doing really well, can't believe he doesn't like ice cream sandwiches though. That sounded good. Maybe he is more of a Three Musketeers type of dude! Hey, Halloween is approaching....a sugar rush is imminent! Only partially kidding.
Miss and love ya,

Kari said...

He looks so adorable--come on it's just not fair! :) I had forgotten about "cookoo loos" from ET, and smiled when I heard that he is still in love with his ducky!

He sounds like he is doing so good. It's awesome to hear the stories. We miss you guys!!!

Laura said...

I LOVE cutisms! Max says bye to everything, even the TV, Mama's car, etc. The other day he said "bye bye mama's car" and kissed the grill. I was like "would you kiss your mama's (car) with that mouth?" Ewwwww!

Renee said...

Hi Heather,
I can't believe he is talking so fast- you have a genius on your hands! He is so sweet- I can't wait to see him with Maryn and Keller!

Diane said...

I think the pics you got are pretty damn cute. He is just beautiful. Apparently, cute, smart, funny, dramatic, a ham and lots of fun stuff.

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