Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got tagged - and yes, I feel special!!

So when I saw that I had been tagged by Carrie and Cathy, I thought surely there was another, far more interesting Heather out here in blogland. You know how sometimes you see someone waving and smiling in your direction, so you get all happy and smile and wave back, and then the person behinds you runs over to them and it's like, their cousin or something? Yeah, that's been me a few times. Haha...I have done something similar on this blog so it might be repetitive, but here goes:

Jobs I've Held:

Arby's (I was the Drive Thru Queen. ahem.)
Movie theater employee (popcorn, free movies, fun times!)
Photography company manager (not of the whole company, but a chunk of GA.)
Waitress/Bartender (currently back on the bar wagon a couple nights a week. It's fun!)
Photography Studio Owner/Photographer (still doing this, just out of the house now. I will never not have this job!)

Places I've Lived:

Douglasville, GA
Griffin, GA
Milner, GA
(sigh. So not fabulous, I know.)

Foods I Love:

-Peperoncinis - I eat them by the jar.
-Any veggie wat with injera
-...(brace yourself people)....TACO BELL. yummm.
-Black beans mushed up with cream cheese and covered in Cholula sauce with tortillas. Seriously, TRY THIS.
-Grilled cheese sandwich with chili on the side.

Places I Would Rather Be

Ethiopia - I miss it so much already.
Paris - With unlimited shopping money.
Any beach, Anywhere.
Disneyworld with my boys!
NYC with my gals!

Movies I Love:
Oh this is hard. There are soooooo many. I will pick a few.

Adventures in Babysitting
Bridget Jones' Diary
V for Vendetta
Life is Beautiful
The Descent
Terms of Endearment
Pan's Labyrinth
All the Rocky movies
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Never Been Kissed

Okay,Okay! I will stop.

TV Shows I Watch:

-Pushing Daisies - Carrie, I am so with you. BEST NEW SHOW hands down. Quickly becoming one of my all time faves. How smart is this show? And Ned, helllooooooo....
-LOST- We are fanatics. Welcome to the insanity, Laura and Brian!
-Ugly Betty - also some of the most clever writing. It cracks me up.
Quick plug for more good new shows! (Fall is my favorite time of year for several reasons...) Dirty Sexy Money is EXCELLENT. Gossip Girl is EH, but watchable. Reaper is hilarious, but it did not make the Tivo cut.

Tag You Are It:
Since I put too many answers to most of the questions, I might as well tag more than my allotted amount of people. I'm so greedy!


Get to bloggin', ladies!
Oh, and because I know you care more about these than random Heather ya go!


Diane said...

Loved the Descent and I don't know anyone else who has seen it! Also, I'm so with you on Dirty Sexy Money. Great show!

gr8dc2b said...

poo on you for tagging me after I warned you not to.....I guess I forgive you because I can't resist the little smiling Charlie at the end of your blog post.

miss ya.....and hey, if you rather be at Disneyland....come on down! Your still welcome at my house Benedict Arnold!


Catherine and Dustin said...

I am new at this. I have been tagged but what do I do? Will it send it to me or do I just copy and paste it?

Jen and Dan said...

Well poo, I just tagged you! Guess I have to tag somebody else. : (

Oh Heather I just love your blog and all the beautiful pic's of Charlie. I can't get enough.

Handlyrics said...

Love the pics. You and Laura are queen of the Picture. I definately plan on taking as many pics as I can when Preston comes home.

Mama Papaya said...

Is it Wednesday yet?