Sunday, February 21, 2010

perpetual motion...

for once, i can't fit my thoughts into a tweet or status update...which brings me here, to my sweet blog home. like an old friend who you neglect your time with, even though you love them the best. so much is going on. SO MUCH.
the end of '09/start of '10 has been all about 2 things for me: gifts and change. gifts, mostly in the form of people...i started noticing all these new people coming into my life and i really paid attention to them all, and feel so lucky to have found them...folks like Adam Grubbs, who sweetly looks into my soul and isn't afraid to tell me what he sees. Drew Odom, who inspires me like no one else has, both to help others and listen to what my heart tells me...about gardening, and life. ;) Sandi Bruegger...our instant online connection, and her unbelievable comfort to me in one of my lowest moments. Ashley Woods, who is FUN and spiritual in the best way. Jessie Smith, acquaintance turned superfriend in about 6 days. Amber Bridges, who cracks me up and makes me feel saner.
okay, i know, this isn't the Oscars of Heather's Life as of February or anything. i just wanted to acknowledge a few of the people and look up and say "thanks for them all." i just don't think it's an accident.

as far as change....sometime in the last few weeks, some of the things inside me have clawed their way out. i'm going back to work...i'm finally starting a BIG garden, complete with chickens (because ONE of those gifts Drew gave me were the best eggs i have tasted in my life) sweet babies are growing up before my very eyes, and sometimes it hurts more than i'd like to admit. Adam has been home, off work, for several weeks now, and while the money part sucks, the time together has been bliss. i adore him. simple as that. he goes back out tomorrow and i already feel a little ache, but i know it's for the best. with lots of help, i planned one of the best parties, well, ever, i'm pretty sure. i was in a serious car accident with a dear friend last month. i lost 4 fingernails, but gained some incredible perspective. it brings tears to think about it, but i know how lucky we both are. and also, i became blonde. ;)

all in all, we've been a little quieter, a little simpler, and a little slower than we used to, and it's so welcome. i'm turning 30 this summer...what better time to start learning new things and give in to the temptation of fresh veggies, less drama, oh, COUPONING (i know!) and dirty, precious kids running around the yard? this party girl is ready to dig deeper and do more. and i think we need a new home for it all. Adam, who is very into the couponing, warming up quickly to the chickens, and iffy on the gardening, agrees. ;) i'm not saying goodbye just yet. i have a few more posts i want to do, but look for our new space soon, as this TiVo addicted, McNugget eating family tries to make some changes. (disclaimer: we will still be watching TiVo and eating nuggets. ahem).

Have a great week!