Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a sad day, folks...

Today we are taking Charlie to (gulp) get a haircut. I am partly excited, but mostly bummed. I know it's just hair, but his sweet little curls are so precious and so much a part of him. It's just getting so hot, and we will be in the pool soon, and I know it will be more compfortable if it's shorter. Not to mention easier on me, with my preg-saustion. Adam is getting a haircut at the same time, so hopefully it will go over better than the braids. And don't worry, this post is just a teaser...I will be back to add pictures this afternoon!

...And we're back!
The haircut went great! Charlie was a little anxious at first, thanks to the braiding trauma we went through last month. But Daddy went first, and Charlie was a big boy the whole time. He charmed everyone that was in the shop. I had a knot in my stomach as Liz started to cut, but it really looks cute, and it will be much easier this summer. He had SO much hair!

Having a relaxing shampoo...

Here we go!

Checking out the lost curls (he called them caterpillars!)

Alllll done!

Can you handle the handsome??

We are apparently having a big day! My mom just surprised us and showed up to take Charlie with her for the night. I know ALL moms hate when thier kids leave for a night, but I figured I might as well let him go, and go on a date with my hubby. You know, if I have to...Happy weekend, all!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Encouragement from Blogland

Thanks to a very thoughtful friend of mine, I read a blog post today that I totally relate to. I know I have posted my thoughts before on becoming a mom through adoption first, and birth second, but Leah said it more eloquently that I ever could have. For us, the comments have become more infrequent, but I am gearing up for more when Mallory is born. As Charlie gets older, I am going to have to be more vigilant in protecting his place as in our family as "OUR OWN" child, our "FIRSTBORN", and our "REAL SON". Please read Leah's thoughts and see her beautiful toddler and newborn combo (my hero!) HERE.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enough already!

I am still SUPER excited about the Democratic race this year, but UGHHHH. The drama is starting to get to me and I am getting frustrated with them.

Dear Senators,
Please stop frustrating your supporters (me).
It's sad and it takes us back to the politics I thought you wanted to get away from.
P.S- No matter what, I won't vote for McCreepy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tough Decisions.

Let's see. It's 75 degrees and gorgeous outside. Should I do what I had planned this afternoon, which is to organize THIS travesty:

(I almost can't believe I showed you that.)

Orrrrr I could play outside with these boys I know:

Speaking of boys, you haven't met our new addition, Brownie! Brownie is a sweetheart who my friend Lindsey had been fostering for awhile. Adam and I started to think about getting a buddy for Reese to play in the yard with, and I remembered seeing Brownie on Lindey's blog. The rest is history! He is about a year and a half old, and just SWEET. Charlie actually plays favorites a bit now, because Reese is still so hyper. The dogs get along great as well. Lindsey is the best dog mom I know!

This is what happens when I get annoying with the camera:

(Reese was in the pond at this point. Makes for a lovely scent, lemme tell ya.)
It was so hard for Brownie not to steal the ball! We had to use a decoy.

Adam was actually working in the yard this afternoon, too. We have a loooong way to go to get it like we want it, but it'll happen, one weekend at a time. One day I even hope to plant things!!

Taking a break to look for worms...(Did I mention I am having a girl???!! heehee.)

On to the pool area...Like I said, LOTS of work. It actually looks like it's filled with Coca Cola right now. Ew. Adam is so determined to make it fabulous, though. Here he is begging for Ty Pennington to hear our cries and come running out of the bushes with his megaphone...

Taking a break from all that hard work:

As I write this, Adam and Charlie are still outside, working and playing. I have a feeling I am going to have (at least) one tired, dirty boy on my hands tonight.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
(Cathy, I am sending you sunshine!!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Smoky Mountain Rain

Finally, I blog! The trip last weekend was a lot of fun, despite the fact that I lost my voice halfway through. I felt okay, but have now been battling the flu and bronchitis for over a week. Blecch. Hence the long delay in posting. But the trip was worth all the coughing. See us having fun:
Hanging in the cabin after the kiddies went to bed...

My little family...

Charlie at the waterfall...

Daddy and Feke...

Adam and I...and Mallory!

The guys admiring the view...



The goose got a little aggressive!

Charlie on the way to the cabin....

Our summer home....I mean, some scenery...


The guys conquering the waterfall.

Our boys in their cute little wresting match...

On a side note, I have to say it was a really strange experience to be in the mountains with my child. It brought some symmetry to my life that is amazing. My siblings and I grew up going camping, hiking and fishing in this area, and it brings back so many memories to be there with Charlie. I never remembered thinking about my mom and dad cooking all that food, or how much the fish cost per pound, or where the gas station was. Everything was just there, and it was perfect and easy and just FUN. I feel like I have now seen it through my parents' eyes and a child's and it made me proud and happy to be able to give Charlie that experience too. Taking your children to a place you loved as a child is something I never thought would be so affecting...anyone else feel this way? Next time I am DETERMINED to get my parents up there with us. :) Charlie loved it, and has since been asking for his fishing pole, and to go back to the "cavin". Soon enough!

I am working on kicking the last of this cold/flu mess that I have. My right ear has been stopped up and ringing for 4 days...I may be ordering a straightjacket from Ebay of this doesn't go away soon. :(

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The little cutie is 2!!

I can't believe it, but it's true. The weekend was a blur of planning and checking the weather, which was looking to drop from the lovely 70s we were in to around 50.
I stayed optimistic until the end, but alas, the kids (kidsicles) were in jackets and red noses all day, and no one touched the iced lemonade on the patio...told you I was optimistic! But the kids had a blast, and Charlie was so sweet to all of his friends. He got some really great gifts, too. It was just a great, friends, my sweet boy so happy. We were all so thrilled to meet Melkamu and Kai, just home from Ethiopia about one month month ago.
Some pics, of course!

This post would be longer, and more fun filled, but I reeeeally should be packing for our trip to the mountains. We leave tomorrow with Jess and fam, and Cat and fam.
It should be a blast, as long as I get off my butt and like, say, put some clothes in a bag. Here goes!
Have a great weekend, everyone! :)