Thursday, July 31, 2008


One stinkin' centimeter.
80% effaced.
"Just waiting on the contractions!"
Well yeah.


Tomorrow is the big 4-0! We made it...!
I am going to the doctor this afternoon, so hopefully we will have some news, or more non-news tonight! Either's so soon.
Guess we all should have picked August dates, huh?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seeking Obama sticker and a magnetic soccer ball...

...for our new ride! We finally decided to NOT cram two babies into the back of a two door car, and if your gonna go bigger, you might as well go for it, right? (Plus, you were right, Chandra...I was jealous!) We got a great deal, and I absolutely love driving it. And for all the skeptics, yes, I still feel young!
I have been trying to walk around the pond a few times in the evenings (just in case this will send Mal a signal in there) but it's getting so HOT. Like, August hot in GA. Think steam room...with mosquitos biting you. Ick. So I only did one lap tonight, but the boys kept me company...

What else is new? Charlie starts preschool one week from tomorrow! We took him for orientation last week. His teachers seem so nice, and he LOVES it. The kids got to play in their rooms for a while, and he really seemed happy. There are about ten 2-year olds in his class (bless those teachers) so maybe we will make some new friends, too. I am nervous for him, but I know it will be really good for CF.

For those who were worried about Adam going out of town last week, I wanted to clarify...he got to stay! Of course, NOW we know we could have gone, but he did stay close to home just in case. My wonderful FIL went in his place. Thanks again! If nothing else, Charlie and his daddy have had a blast hanging out together. They seem even more bonded than ever, and it is so sweet.
Oh, and I got to go to a movie with the girls today!
(Anyone who says they don't like ABBA...I don't believe you. ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008


I wish, Jan!
Still hanging in there! We are staying busy, though, so no matter when she comes, it will be really soon. I am too tired to even blog, so I am off to bed early.
Will post again asap!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No News...

Going to the doc again on Thursday, so we shall see.
Charlie and I are snuggling up having movie night. (I even let him eat popcorn. In my BED). We are watching Ice Age, and it's the first time he has seen it. I have never heard this child laugh so hard. That crazy little squirrel with the acorn? Yeah, he does the trick. It is SO CUTE.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think I am really going to have to do this!

Holy crap.
Yesterday I went to the doctor, and I am 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced! I know it's not the biggest news on the planet, and that it could still mean 2 or 3 more weeks and even induction, but I was pretty darn excited! He also predicted that I won't make it to next weekend. I had to ask him to repeat that for me. Then I got very hot and nervous and for the next few hours was pretty freaked out. I feel good now, having some mild contractions, but nothing strong enough to get the job done. I am going back and forth between wanting it to happen NOW, and being so nervous that a few more days sounds great. The bag is packed and the house is clean, so I suppose we are finally ready. Adam goes out of town one more time on Monday, so that's stressful. I hope it happens either tomorrow or waits until Thursday!
Not knowing is driving me crazy!
Come on, people. Someone out there can predict something, right? No one has a crystal ball handy?
Okay, guessing will be fun, too!
I pick Thursday, July 24th!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plug for LaurieLoo!

Remember my fab friend who did this?
Well, she has joined the wonderful world of!
Her paintings are quirky and beautiful, just the right combination.
Go buy something for your home!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Construction Zone

We have gotten so much done in the past few days! Well, no thanks to me or Adam. I'm too, well, whiny, and Adam is working. but my amazing family, as usual, makes it all better! Marlena had been drooling over the big changing table box for a couple of days, so she was down to business when I finally told her to go for it.

Anything that involves anything that looks like this...I'm out:

Something's not going well here...

But, help is in the way!

Look at all that help!

Patty Poo was here, too! Apparently also in need of a little helper.

Patrick doesn't need help...his primary function is to PLAY!!

And the results:

This is what baby sis will be wearing home, courtesy of Auntie M!

Thanks, guys! What would I do without these people??
I love ya's.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If anyone is missing a hot poker...

Not to be too graphic, but that should give you a little idea as to how I'm feeling the past couple of days. I don't see HOW this can go on much longer...sometimes I feel like this baby is just going to fall out. (If only, right?) All my preg buddies are home with their bundles of joy (or will be very, very soon), and here I sit...waiting to join the new club! (Even Nicole Kidman is done!) The hormones are awful. The littlest things send me into either Superbeeatch mode, or, even more fun, the Ugly Cry. The soreness and pressure are so much more intense than I had imagined. But, with only 3 weeks to go, I am getting more and more excited. (It just doesn't show ALL the time). I am finally getting the idea that I have got to get in bed earlier. The other morning I was so exhausted when Charlie got up, that I rigged up my laptop so that he could see a movie from my bed. The Mother of the Year folks will be calling anytime now...

Things are slowly coming together. Marlena, my "some assembly required" expert, put together the pack and play we ordered, and is on call to do the rest of the stuff. (I hate to assemble anything with little parts.)
Who am I kidding?
We have a ton of stuff left to do before Mallory comes.
Including, but not limited to: getting bottles ready, finishing her room, washing all the clothes and bedding, curling into a ball on the couch and crying, ordering photos to frame, complaining incessantly, packing our bag for the hospital, and getting the carpet cleaned. I don't know WHY I feel like Mallory will notice the carpet. Or the new lamp I need to make the living room brighter. I just NEED to not have anything nagging my brain when we all come home to settle in. I'm almost caught up with work stuff, and then I am not going to think about it anymore for about 3 months.
And my poor Charlie! He sees all this baby stuff and he knows it's for Mal, so I ordered him a fabulous gift from his baby sister. He will get it when we come home, and I hope it helps. He also asked me to feed him like a baby from his sippy cup the other night. Uh-Oh.
He's being as cute as ever, too. Here are some funny conversations we have had lately:

Me: grabbing my belly and shrieking "OW OW OWWW"
CF: (to belly) Mallory! Don't hurt mommy! She's big!


At the movie theater for his first time, seeing Kung Fu Panda:
(During one scene, Po the Panda takes a hit in his "tender bits")

Charlie: (in the crowded theater, to anyone who would listen)- Balls! Mama, dat panda hit in da baaaaalls! Daddy, balls Oooooowwwieee! Hahahaha, balls! Nana, he hit em in da balls!....and so on, until I finally shushed him. People laughed.


Charlie: (in his bed, as I am leaving the room) - Mommy, c'mere!
Me: (going back to his bed) - Yeah?
Charlie: (whining) - Don't leeeeave me...I need you weally, weally, weally muuuuch!
Me: (melting) Awww, I need you too, baby!


So yeah...I don't have much to complain about, after all. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can I just vent?

I can vent to my own blog, right?
I do not usually get very political on here, but I have got to get this out. I don't know WHY I read emails or posts when I know from the subject line that it's going to be ANOTHER smeared, irrational, hateful, ignorant stab at Barack HUSSIEN Obama. Yes, I know his middle name. I love how anti-Obama folks love to point that out. Suuuurely that is God giving us a sign that this man is a secret Muslim terrorist who somehow snuck by and made it into the Senate, and then on to become our Democratic candidate. My land, how ever could we have missed it?? Boy, do I feel stupid for supporting this guy! Thank you to the super awesomely smart code breakers who made that connection for us!
Sarcasm? Yeah, that's what that was.
Do you realize that I have NEVER received any type of slanderous or malicious email about John McCain? Are there even any out there? Wait, I did see that video spoof by And yeah, I laughed. At least everything in that video was him actually being quoted.
I hear ALL the time, "You don't have to like Bush, but people need to respect our president!" Well, WHEN Barack Obama becomes our president, I hope people are whistling the same tune. I hope some of them will get on board. I hope SOMEONE who once sent that email will get over this drama and see through the lies and give the guy a break. For once, we have a candidate who inspires people who NEVER CARED me.
I mean, the ANTI-CHRIST??? Really???
I hereby promise to never ever even open those emails again, because I don't want my baby to come out completely pissed off. But in case I do accidentally open the hate machine again, here is a great link to a blog on how to respond to them. The comments are really good, too.
And here is a link to the Obama anti-smear website:

I will end by saying I know that all politics involve a certain amount of playing dirty, name-calling, satirical comic strips, and hip celebrity videos. I don't mean to be naive or seem like a crazy person. I have tried so hard this year to learn to be more accepting of people whose views I totally disagree with. It's just hard to maintain a level of respect, when I don't get that in return.
I feel better.
Thanks, blog.
P.S- I really miss you, Cathy and Dierdre. :(

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mindless humor!

Okay, Jennifer, you have a point! Getting a little sappy here. I'm hormotional, what can I say???

more cat pictures" border="0" alt="" />

And the classic dance video that ALWAYS makes me laugh. It's wrong, I know...