Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If anyone is missing a hot poker...

Not to be too graphic, but that should give you a little idea as to how I'm feeling the past couple of days. I don't see HOW this can go on much longer...sometimes I feel like this baby is just going to fall out. (If only, right?) All my preg buddies are home with their bundles of joy (or will be very, very soon), and here I sit...waiting to join the new club! (Even Nicole Kidman is done!) The hormones are awful. The littlest things send me into either Superbeeatch mode, or, even more fun, the Ugly Cry. The soreness and pressure are so much more intense than I had imagined. But, with only 3 weeks to go, I am getting more and more excited. (It just doesn't show ALL the time). I am finally getting the idea that I have got to get in bed earlier. The other morning I was so exhausted when Charlie got up, that I rigged up my laptop so that he could see a movie from my bed. The Mother of the Year folks will be calling anytime now...

Things are slowly coming together. Marlena, my "some assembly required" expert, put together the pack and play we ordered, and is on call to do the rest of the stuff. (I hate to assemble anything with little parts.)
Who am I kidding?
We have a ton of stuff left to do before Mallory comes.
Including, but not limited to: getting bottles ready, finishing her room, washing all the clothes and bedding, curling into a ball on the couch and crying, ordering photos to frame, complaining incessantly, packing our bag for the hospital, and getting the carpet cleaned. I don't know WHY I feel like Mallory will notice the carpet. Or the new lamp I need to make the living room brighter. I just NEED to not have anything nagging my brain when we all come home to settle in. I'm almost caught up with work stuff, and then I am not going to think about it anymore for about 3 months.
And my poor Charlie! He sees all this baby stuff and he knows it's for Mal, so I ordered him a fabulous gift from his baby sister. He will get it when we come home, and I hope it helps. He also asked me to feed him like a baby from his sippy cup the other night. Uh-Oh.
He's being as cute as ever, too. Here are some funny conversations we have had lately:

Me: grabbing my belly and shrieking "OW OW OWWW"
CF: (to belly) Mallory! Don't hurt mommy! She's big!


At the movie theater for his first time, seeing Kung Fu Panda:
(During one scene, Po the Panda takes a hit in his "tender bits")

Charlie: (in the crowded theater, to anyone who would listen)- Balls! Mama, dat panda hit in da baaaaalls! Daddy, balls Oooooowwwieee! Hahahaha, balls! Nana, he hit em in da balls!....and so on, until I finally shushed him. People laughed.


Charlie: (in his bed, as I am leaving the room) - Mommy, c'mere!
Me: (going back to his bed) - Yeah?
Charlie: (whining) - Don't leeeeave me...I need you weally, weally, weally muuuuch!
Me: (melting) Awww, I need you too, baby!


So yeah...I don't have much to complain about, after all. :)


Kelly said...

I always love your conversations. They make me laugh and I can really hear Charlie.

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Hang in there mama! You are soo close. And yes, the lamp in the living room is very important...don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's called nesting...it's primal and hormonal and a true right of passage! It won't be long now!

edbteach said...

Hang in there! The last few weeks are really rough. It sounds like you are also ready to give Charlie the extra TLC he will need. We did the gift from the baby too. It helped keep my daughter busy when I was busy with the new baby.\

I also love to hear his conversations!

Deirdre said...

Oh, mama, this is a tough time, but maybe all the pressure you're feeling means she's coming early! Or is that more stressful than reassuring? And about all the stuff you want to get done—do as much as you need to do to satisfy your nesting urges, but know that Mallory won't need anything other than diapers and your boobs for a good long while. Speaking of, my boobs are being summoned …

DawnC said...

I LOL while reading the Charlie balls conversation. So funny! You're in the home stretch. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

I bought Max a present from his sister too. I love your set up for the laptop. Brilliance! I also see you were rockin' out to some pre-creepy MJ.


Sandra said...

I understand completely. If I haven't dialated or something by the time of my appointment tomorrow...someone may need an ice cream blizzard with cake! Dr. said we would discuss induction. I hate that:(, but would welcome it. Cheer up-we'll join that club soon!!!

Wendy said...

Do you know what I zeroed in on in your photos? (After admiring your beautiful son, of course.)

Is that a Michael Jackson Thriller album I see back there? LOL.

April & Doug said...

Oh Heather! I thought I was going to die at the laptop set-up. . . and Mother of the Year goes to me for putting Grant in the bed at 4 am - - knowing that we both need sleep but since he's whining about watching Woody - we are watching Toy Story at 4 am. . . I know I'll regret that later but at this point - if it means I can sleep another hour and half and not have to worry about him - - I'll do just about anything.

And I am insanely jealous that Marlena is your assembling expert - - I however am about to throw Gabe's swing out in the yard and see if it can put itself together out there! Oh and if I have to put the pack and play together.. LOL yeah.. huh uh

Anonymous said...

Prioritize. Pack bag for hospital first. Make a list, prioritize it and then start checking things off. It'll make you feel better.

Remember when you were preparing for Charlie. You probably had a million things you wanted to get done. Did they all get done? Did you survive?

It will be the same with Mallory. It'll all work out. Great idea about a gift for Charlie. IT'll be hard on him but include him on as much as you can.

I had to pump for Sawyer since he was tube fed. I let Judson 'help' me. I also let him 'pump' too. It made him feel like he was part of the process.

You're on the downhill stretch. Not long now. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, have you gotten to the point where you go in each week and the doc reaches in (and it seems like he's going AT LEAST up to his shoulder) and then he comes out and says, not dilated or only 1cm? Are you ready to claw his/her eyes out? Then you are close. But close still means weeks possibly. Hang on...it really isn't long now.