Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can I just vent?

I can vent to my own blog, right?
I do not usually get very political on here, but I have got to get this out. I don't know WHY I read emails or posts when I know from the subject line that it's going to be ANOTHER smeared, irrational, hateful, ignorant stab at Barack HUSSIEN Obama. Yes, I know his middle name. I love how anti-Obama folks love to point that out. Suuuurely that is God giving us a sign that this man is a secret Muslim terrorist who somehow snuck by and made it into the Senate, and then on to become our Democratic candidate. My land, how ever could we have missed it?? Boy, do I feel stupid for supporting this guy! Thank you to the super awesomely smart code breakers who made that connection for us!
Sarcasm? Yeah, that's what that was.
Do you realize that I have NEVER received any type of slanderous or malicious email about John McCain? Are there even any out there? Wait, I did see that video spoof by And yeah, I laughed. At least everything in that video was him actually being quoted.
I hear ALL the time, "You don't have to like Bush, but people need to respect our president!" Well, WHEN Barack Obama becomes our president, I hope people are whistling the same tune. I hope some of them will get on board. I hope SOMEONE who once sent that email will get over this drama and see through the lies and give the guy a break. For once, we have a candidate who inspires people who NEVER CARED me.
I mean, the ANTI-CHRIST??? Really???
I hereby promise to never ever even open those emails again, because I don't want my baby to come out completely pissed off. But in case I do accidentally open the hate machine again, here is a great link to a blog on how to respond to them. The comments are really good, too.
And here is a link to the Obama anti-smear website:

I will end by saying I know that all politics involve a certain amount of playing dirty, name-calling, satirical comic strips, and hip celebrity videos. I don't mean to be naive or seem like a crazy person. I have tried so hard this year to learn to be more accepting of people whose views I totally disagree with. It's just hard to maintain a level of respect, when I don't get that in return.
I feel better.
Thanks, blog.
P.S- I really miss you, Cathy and Dierdre. :(


Anonymous said...

Okay. Just catching up on your blog. I hope you feel better now. I, too, hate negative, smear campaigns. It's usually meant to prey on people's ignorance and/or hatred. I think how the candidate handles the 'distractions' speaks volumes to their character. It must be tough being in the spotlight. My personality couldn't handle it.


Dahlia said...

I´ve read your blog for a long time (as we are in a adoption process and your blog, family is adorable). I respect what you wrote and want to say that here in my country, Finland, your candidate Obama has given your country a lot positive publicity and respect. I laughed so much when you said that someone had seen him as anti-Christ...You don't want to take Bush seriously around these corners (I hope I did not offend anyone). I just wanted to give my point of view, experience here.
Good luck with your pregnancy!!

Deirdre said...

Ugh, no one has been dumb enough to send me those emails (I'm a flaming liberal and everyone knows it) but I've heard about them and they make my blood boil. What pisses me off most is they try to portray him as a Muslim like that's an insult. Remember that basic tenet of American democracy, religious freedom? Or do you only love America when it looks like you and prays like you?

My least favorite aspect of election season is that it makes me see a side of people I never knew existed--a hatred and intolerance that I thought was a thing of the past. I'm hoping Obama can keep it positive, but I worry after seeing how successful the fear-mongering smear campaigns have been in recent elections.

Oh, and I miss you too!!

Anne said...

Hi, Heather. I'm here from Cathy's blog -- and I loved your post.

The ridiculous "Hussein" smears feel very personal to me because my daughter has a Muslim name (Hayat) and I'm trying to brace myself for what's to come (she's only two and as far as I can tell she's not the anti-Christ, well most days at least...;) )

In Ethiopia I was emphatically advised by an Ethiopian woman working in the office at the Hilton to change her name as soon as possible -- because "it's a Muslim name -- did you KNOW that?-- she's going to hate it when she gets older."

Um...I don't think she's the one that's going to have a problem with her name...

Ugh. I hate the smears and I hate the stereotyping and I appreciate you saying how many of us feel.

Now I'm off to read more of your blog!

The Morreys (Erin) said...

Here, here! Oh my gosh, a person has a name WHICH REFLECTS ANOTHER CULTURE!!! Especially a Muslim name! How dare we support such a person!

I've supported Obama since I learned what he stood for, and this has got to be one of the dumbest arguments against him. I mean seriously, his name?! If there's nothing more substantial to argue about than his name, then I think we need to all support AND respect President Obama when he takes office.

Thankfully, I'm from NY and most of my friends and relatives are also liberals. I manage to avoid most of those e-mails!

Beth and Garrett said...

Heather, I just got an email very like the one you described! I can't say loud enough how much I agree with you! It's amazing how quickly people forget that we can ACTUALLY research the truth about both McCain and Obama and see for OURSELVES who it is we want to vote into office! I appreciate your honesty and am with ya 100%!!! GO BARAK!!!!!

Mike C. said...

After watching the beating that Bush has taken in the last 8 years...I don't know why anyone would want to be president.

gr8dc2b said...

Being the lone CA Republican....and being that around a table of friends in any gathering, I am the lone Republican and the butt of everyone's jokes, I have gotten several emails about McCain....jokes and crazy insinuations. Anyway, the smear campaign comes on both sides....also why I hate an election year. I am glad that you are excited about a candidate....unfortunately, my politics don't match up with either and has left me quite apathetic and uninspired. Not that my vote counts in CA anyway. Poor me....I better go cry into my stuffed elephant, haha.

Sarah said...

Poster Deirdre and I share at least one characteristic - we're BOTH flaming liberals. No one sends me those sort of email forwards, either. (Thank goodness!)

I'm definitely an Obama Mama. I put my bumper stickers on our cars in October of '07, and I'm so glad they are still relevant! :)

Sarah in Raleigh, NC
soon-to-be mom to Ethiopian siblings ages 9 and 12
waiting for a court date