Monday, October 29, 2007

Guess where I am posting from??

Our new house! Yep, we are unofficially moved in. Meaning most of our stuff is still at the little house, but it will be much easier to work and paint and clean if Charlie is able to sleep here.
(Background story...we moved into the house Adam grew up in. His bro and sis-in-law lived here for a few years and just left last week for Bellingham, WA.) :( We miss you guys, but we hope you are loving it out there! We will visit soon. Charlie asked me where Robby was the other day!
My wonderful mom in law and I got his room painted today, and the whole living room is done as well. I went around taking pics today so I can do a before and after post soon! We are so happy to be here with all this space and ideas for what we want to do...It's all so exciting! Tomorrow we are going to look at carpet and paint the den. I will give you a hint on the colors we chose...They sure are BRIGHT! yaaaay!
I am exausted and I wish I could post more. Still working 2 jobs and working on the house and chasing after the youngin. He is loving the new place also. And what a great helper! Pics soon, promise!!!
Love to you!


Gypsy said...

Is the whole joint turquoise?

stephanie said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Congratulations on the house!!

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Moxie said...

Pictures, I want to see. We finally up and running with the internet.