Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a New Day!!!


Kerry and Tom said...

we video taped our day today. i cried and i don't have a pretty cry. i have a very ugly cry and i actually video taped myself.. yikes. Jackson fell asleep right in the middle of the swearing in!!!!! I at one point yelled yeah obama and jackson just said Go Packers!!! okay i think we watch too much football up here... wow what a day!! I am just in a state of complete joy right now!!! My blog is a mess of videos.

tonight we celebrate with friends and family. sure wish were there with you guys today that would have been so cool. . love and miss you

Kerry and Tom said...

quick note regarding my commment :)
i typed that while having 2 toddlers climbing all over me pulling my hair and smashing the keyboard with sippy cups so forgive me for miss spelled words and what ever else you find in my previous comment :)