Friday, January 9, 2009

And I ra-aaan...

Flock of Seagulls, anyone?
Last night was Night Two at the gym with Jess. We took an amazing yogalates class that really helped me regain my ability to walk like a human, rather than a zombie. After that, we hit the treadmill again. This time, I took Jessica's advice and brought my Ipod. I don't have one of the awesome new ones, mine is an old clunker from about 3 years ago. (Cat, remember the year we had the big birthday party and got our Ipods?) But I dug it up, charged it, and brought it with me. The difference was immediate and obvious. I ran for most of the 25 minutes, which is something I have never been able to do before. I know there are alot of you that are runners, and I have always heard tell of "the hill". That point where you are about to vomit, or die, or both, but you don't stop. You keep going and all of a sudden, you're kinda flying, and it gets easier. I don't know if it was just the music that helped me, or if I'm just getting used to moving at more than a slacker pace. I have always shuddered at the thought of running (for fun? what??) but now I think that maybe, maybe, there is a runner hidden somewhere inside of me. I don't know if she will ever run a marathon, half-marathon, or even a 5k, but it's nice to know that I could maybe, possibly think about day. Ish.
Speaking of my Ipod...scrolling through it last night, looking for motivational tunes as I ran was a bit comical. I remember my brother going though it once in my car and calling out "FOLK....ACOUSTIC....FOLK....ACOUSTIC....BEATLES....FOLK". It made me laugh again last night as I ran like hell to Ani Difranco (which was surprisingly inspiring) and The Countours "Do you Love Me". (Which was great as well). Since I stopped updating my Ipod, my musical taste has evolved to include more modern tunage, thanks to my ultra hip rockstar girlfriends.
So, let's play a game. I am now going to shuffle through and list the first 15 songs I come across. Here goes:

-Wouldn't it Be Nice by The Beach Boys
-Keep on Lovin' You by REO Speedwagon (just realized this could get embarrassing.)
-From Me to You by the Beatles
-Any Other World by Mika
-Touch Me by The Doors
-Closer to The Heart by Rush
-I Want You by Bob Dylan
-Buddy Holley by Weezer
-Either Way by Guster
-The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies
-Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis
-Sober by Tool
-The Bitch is Back by Elton John (now there's one you could run to)
-Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
-Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol (another fast one, wow!)

So, you can see that while I have IMPECCABLE taste in music, I do seem to lean towards the slower songs. Which makes the treadmill even more of an adventure.

Upon arriving home from the gym last night, Charlie, who can spot any electronic device from a mile away, made a beeline for my Ipod and has had it nearby ever since. He loves it. Notice the euphoric look on his face. If only you could see the slammin' dance moves that go along with it.

Here are a couple more pics from this morning. Charlie asks to help, I promise!

We are getting together with our ATL ET group tomorrow to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas which was Wednesday, and I can't wait! Melkam Genna!! Hope everyone in Blogland has a fabulous weekend.


Diane said...

You just have to devote your entire life and existence to the gym like I have and than after about 10-15 years, you won't completely despise the treadmill. YOu'll just mildly despise it and you convince yourself that your mild dislike is actually fondness. Keep at it, sister! It does get easier and the ipod or some entertainment is essential. SEe you tomorrow.

Rachel said...

You'll love running! You gotta get outside to do it when it's warmer. It's true that you can kinda forget you're doing it. And there is no faster way to drop weight than running! Yay:-)

April & Doug said...

And then I read Rachel's comment - - good lord. Okay Okay Okay - I am going to start running - - somewhere. But when I first read this I thought of (you're gonna kill me) Forrest Gump! LOL

And by the way I wanna see Mal (and Charlie of course) but Mal looks SO DIFFERENT!

rebekah said...

Ok, plant that big L on my forehead. I have that same ipod, but in green. And, I LOVE that Dylan song. One of my faves, except for Quinn the Eskimo of course.

Yippee on the 25 minute run! That's kicking some serious ass plus it pumps you up, doesn't it?

Get some new music on that thing and keep running!

hotflawedmama said...

Yeah, got the same IPOD as well, I like to think it's "classic". Good tunes, oh my Ani! I find gangsta rap pretty easy to run to but maybe that's just me. :)

Keep it up!

cathy said...

I run to escape into my ipod. It is heaven to me. Some days it's music (eminem, U2, beatles, all kinds of stuff...) and some days it's books. Get the Twilight series on CD from your library, download it on your ipod, and escape to Forks. I do the stair climber to that sometimes ;)

Mrs. B said...

I have been following your project babe on the F.B...good for you..we are totally here to support you!!!! Now support me back to get back to the gym!!!!

Moxie said...

I fully expect to see the trail on the farm worn back down by the time we get back in GA. ;) Adam should know the route.

Bergmama said...

Love the random song list...and love the pics of Charlie listening!

My Ipod is my only motivation for working out!