Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get this mutha$%#@! snake out of my.....

Okay, sorry for the implied profanity in today's title, but I have to quote Sam Jackson on this one. I still cannot believe this happened to me!
Yesterday Charlie and I were sitting around, and he sweetly asked "banana"? Which I did not have. So I thought, okay I could use a little outing, let's go to the grocery store. La la la, we get there, buy some stuff, and head out to the car. Charlie was happily riding in the front of the buggy, and so I head the the back of my SUV to load the groceries. As I approached, I saw a long black SOMETHING sticking out the back door of the car. My first thought was that a piece of rubber or something had come loose. Then I saw the long pink tongue slither out and I way. I am hallucinating!! I flagged down a couple walking to their car and frantically asked them to tell me, please tell me that there is not a snake coming out of the back of my freaking car. Please.
Yes, people....And I am not one of those people who is deathly afraid of snakes, but still, I was freaked. I was ABOUT to open the back. Can you imagine?? Even if it wasn't poisonous, I really think I would have had a heart attack! And the worst thought is, since we live by a pond, we must have picked him up here at home which means....oh, yes. I DROVE TO THE STORE WITH A SNAKE IN THE CAR WITH MYSELF AND MY SON. Ohhhhh it still makes me all huefbbfkhbfuiewfewfb inside.
Anyway, then the comedy ensued. Three men were coming at the snake with a stick and a blanket...trying to catch it, not hurt it. So of course, the snake retreats INTO THE CAR. bleeeeeeeehhhhhh. After about 15 minutes of watching these brave men poke at my bumper and lie under my car, the heat was getting to Charlie and my frozen burritos had melted, so I called my in-laws. At this point, there are 4 patrol cars, including the sheriff of our county...haha....and a huge crowd of people watching the action. Employees were coming out, people were sitting in their cars, standing around...told you we live in a small town.
Finally, the snake drops down out from under the front of the car and starts slithering his way around the parking lot. The policemen had a time catching him, running around with their snake-capturing sticks (how handy). At last, he was caught and put in the woods near the grocery store. I could not have been more happy, because there was NO WAY I was going to get in there until he was not.
Anyway, that was my adventure for the day. And I thought I would be bored staying home. Ha!

It's hard to see in the pic, but all I had was my phone, and I was not getting too close. See him????


stephanie said...

ACK!!! You poor thing. I am one of those people who is deathly afraid of snakes and I may have had to sell my car.

cathy said...


gr8dc2b said...

I am one of those deathly afraid of snakes people. I would have died and then thought I was living out my own night terrors. See, I keep telling everyone that snakes on a plane was a very real, very scary thing that could happen and that is why I couldn't fathom to see the movie....this proves my point! Snakes....I think I will stay in the big city in CA....snakes.....I think I will be having nightmares now! Why couldn't a flesh eating zombie have jumped out of your car...much less scary!

Laura said...

OMG I have never laughed this hard. Oh my stomach hurts. Okay, I personally would have died, or sold my car right there in the parking lot and walked home with my melted burritos! Oh, I am still freaking laughing so hard. I love it! Best story EVAH!

Renee said...

You've got the be FREAKIN KIDDING ME!!!!! I would have lost my mind and unlike Laura I would have given the car away! nah, not really :) WOW- very scary reminds me of a story when my brother woke up during the night with a mouse in his bed- just makes you squirm all over! Hey- can you email me your new home address? I'll explain why over email.

Handlyrics said...

YEAH, I have to agree with the rest. I would have freaked out as well.

That car would still be there. I am terrified of snakes. I bet that was a sight to see everyone gathered around your car!! Glad its gone. Take care


Diane said...

OH MY GOD!! This is why I live in the city. No snakes for me. But my house, is slowly being covered in spider webs and it's totally freaking me out. My husband keeps telling me that they keep other bugs away. I don't buy it.

pat2006 said...

Unbelievable! I AM one of those people who can't even look at pictures of snakes. I think I would have to sell the car!

Lovin' the pics of adorable Charlie!

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