Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello, old friend.

So. Is it sane to feel sheepish towards a blog? It's not even a real thing or place...and yet typing this makes me feel a little sad. Like when you have waited a really long time to call a friend and you know you should, but you feel like it's awkward because you should have called them forever ago, but you just didn't? So, you don't and more time goes by and more time goes by until you are just an a-hole.
That's kinda how this feels. I feel so out of the loop and I pop into my bloggy friends lives and can't believe how fast time is flying by. I can't believe I didn't document my family's summer. Mallory's first steps. Charlie starting school again.
I am being a little hard on myself. It's just a blog, and it's not like, a requirement. But I miss it. Writer's block just should not happen when you have these two to hang with all day.
And hang we do. Adam is still gone most of the week, and we are getting back into our routine. Summer was amazing...I became an aunt to the cutest stinkin' newborn baby ever (Cullen's arrival gets it's own blog very soon)...we went to Asheville, NC. ..We hit the casinos in Biloxi for a wild night...We rented a boat with our friends and cruised around the lake...We went dancing, hung by the pool, had adventures with the kiddos, spent time with family. Saw PAUL MCCARTNEY... I actually got semi-tan, which for me is huge. I actually wore shorts, again...huge.

I wish I could pull out of my brain even half of the hilariousness that comes out of Charlie's mouth these days. The kid is something else. And every day, I see him getting older and honestly, it scares the mess outta me. I feel like he will be 15 next week. He is, as always, stubborn and "forgets to listen", but at the same time is as sweet and loving as ever. He's just SUCH a boy...all kinda rowdy.
Mallory is going to be a lot like him. She has a funny little sense of humor. She gets aggravated if she can't move something or pick up something on her own. She laughs at her brother all the time. She kisses and hugs and is in love with her babydoll, dada. (Yep, dada and dada mean two different things at this point).

Here are some pictures from the first day of school, and Malgal's first birthday party...

Here is the moment Cullen appeared on the planet:

And here is the first time I held him:

There is so much life in this LIFE I am living, and I really hope I don't waste any more memories by not sharing them here. There are more laughs, more babies on the way, more girls' nights out, more family dinners, weddings, trips...I don't want to miss my friends any more, and I don't want to leave any more gaps in our story.

What I'm sayin' is I'm back, baby.


Heather O'Pry said...

Welcome back we have missed you. I can not believe that Mallory is already a year old. She is beautiful. And Charlie, we miss him so much it is not the same class without Charlie. We do still need to do breakfast...soon. Please continue to share pictures of the kids. Glad you are back to the blogging world.

rebekah said...

Yay! I missed you!

Mark and Sarah said...

No hard feelings! You're back, baby and that's all that matters :)

Lindsey said...

First--I am glad you are back. I was just about to leave a message on your wall, complaining.

Second--how did you manage to get that AHmazing photo of your sis and Cullen in the delivery room? Did you sneak it or did they let you?

Third--Welcome Back!

Kari said...

Seriously, have you been in my head?!? I have felt the same way about my blog lately, so have just chosen to avoid it. How stupid is that right??

Glad to see you back! You are looking all kinds of fabulous by the way! I will attempt a comeback with ya!

2girls said...

Looking good Beauchamps! Miss ya.