Wednesday, September 1, 2010


the last couple of days have been...woah. i never, ever expected so many people to respond to that post, or to share it with so many others. the comments on the blog and on facebook...i can't begin to explain how much each one means to me. reading them made me cry, and they gave me so much more confidence that with THIS many like-minded people, we really do have a chance to make major changes. i have gone back over them so many times, lingering over each one and really paying attention to every word. to everyone who reposted or shared, thank you, too.
i'm sure there are at least a couple of people who are ready for me to get over myself...hehe. and i am. just with a little more peace of mind, thanks to YOU. <3


Laura said...

I read and re-read your "not ok" post about 5 times. Your children are so fortunate to have a mother who doesn't let this stuff slide. How many times have I let something offensive slide for the sake of someone else's comfort rather than protecting my daughter's precious heart or teaching my sons to stand up for what is really freaking important. You taught a profound lesson, lady. You have a far-reaching voice and I know I am not alone in saying that I can't wait to see how you keep using it.

Emily said...

You are truly amazing. Thank you for reminding me of the kind of person I want to be for my daughter. -Emily in Oregon