Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I still tagged?

I waited so long, and now everyone else's random 10 things about themselves are all done. Oh, well. I am turning in my homework late!
Here goes:

1. I drink pickle juice right out of the jar. This is not a pregnancy thing, it's something I have always done. It's just so dang yummy.

2. I have a serious hair complex. I was teased beyond belief as a child for my unruly, frizzy hair. It made my entire school experience less than what it should have been. I wore my hair up almost every day in high school and usually still do. I am working on getting over it.

3. In my early twenties, I was in a 3 year relationship with a man who was twice my age. It was something that most people did not understand, but it was not like you would think. We thought we were pretty normal, for the most part, and we had some good times.

4. When Adam and I were in Paris on our honeymoon, we went to the Louvre. We were in the room with the Mona Lisa and people were getting yelled at constantly for taking photos. The guard was scary mean and was taking cameras from people. Now I am not very rebellious, but something in me had to know if I could do it. I turned off the flash, held the camera just at my waist and clicked the shutter. I was holding my breath until we were safetly out of the museum. Once alone, Adam said, "Did you get it?" I grinned at him. I now have a tiny, fuzzy thumbnail of the famous painting, and I feel kinda guilty about it, even now.

5. I am envious of people who have unfaltering faith in their religions. I have always felt like I am searching for the thing I can believe in without thinking in the back of my mind..."really? that can't be it!". I don't want to have faith just because I should, I want it to be real and true, and so I am looking and waiting.

6. I have always been very worried about how I am viewed by other people. I have recently become aware that some people, even those close to you, may secretly not like you, for whatever reason. The more settled and happy in my life I become, I give a shit less and less.

7. I always wanted my name to be Julie. And maybe people would call me Jules. Sigh.

8. When I was in middle school (I can't believe I am telling this) our group of kids at the bus stop saw something weird in the sky. (Yes, really). There were about 10 of us. One girl's mom called all these UFO people and we ended up in a magazine and on the Fox show, Encounters. To this day, I really don't even remember what it looked like. (I guess TECHNICALLY, it is unidentified, right?)

9. As a child, I really wanted to see a ghost. I checked out books in the library on how to find them, and I would ask my grandmother constantly if anyone had ever died in her house before she owned it. (The answer was no.) I searched for secret passages in every house I went in, and checked all our photos for strange happenings. The closest I ever got was...see #8.

10. When I saw Seigfreid and Roy in Vegas when I was 21, President Clinton was 2 tables away from us. He had 284673 people with him. It was pretty cool. The show was just "eh".

Okay, mine are pretty random...! It was tough to compete with the fab ladies that came before me. :)

And now, for our reading pleasure, I would like to tag...


Catherine and Dustin said...

I think we should seriously dig up that UFO footage!!! I would love to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gypsy said...

I'm with you on the religion one. I had friends in high school who were VERY into their religion, and I have yet to feel this fire in a church. I am more aware of my spirituality in random places and situations.

April & Doug said...

I would like to testify that the hair thing is completely true! Not only is it true but when Heather and I were in high school... I must admit she came close to death many times - - I could have strangled her... getting ready to go anywhere with her.. was agonizing to say the least. She would spend 2-3 hours straightening her hair.... ONLY TO FREAKIN' PULL IT UP! I seriously think she thought it looked different... but it didn't! :) I love you Heather and I almost peed myself laughing at you..... thanks! (where was I when all this UFO stuff was going on? I had a shot at being famous... what the hell?)

Kelly said...

Ha! This was funny. I could call ya Jules if ya want. I guess "Heats" isn't as cool.

Kari said...

You crack me up and I can so see you doing some of those things (like the hair thing) :)

I would call you Jules if you want too! I didn't get a chance to post on the new preggy pics--but you look SO cute!!!!!

Heather & Adam said...

Your hair is pretty, tee-hee


Julie said...

Jules as a nickname is completely overrated. You are named after a beautiful flower!

And your sweet husband is right-Your hair is pretty!

cathy said...

Dear Julie:
I would friggin' kill for your hair.
Love, Cathy