Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If you can't complain to your blog....

Grrrrr. I am having a pity party, and you're invited, like it or not!
Let's bitch.

1. Adam is gone until Friday and I already miss him too much.
2. My back (sciatic nerve?) is on FIRE. I cleaned all day and I guess that triggered something. Just sitting here is painful.
3. My "fabulous" new camcorder software is NOT as easy as I had dreamed. I spent 2 hours on my first video, only to not be able to convert the random .ppp file extension to ANYTHING else that can be uploaded to the web. So, I burned it to DVD, which of course, did not play.
4. I have no breath! I can barely go up the stairs without panting.
5. I feel guilty for not being as much fun as I should be for Charlie. I don't think he notices, but I hope he is not bored. Today he helped me fold laundry and we watched Shrek and played with toys. Well, they can't all be days at the zoo, right?
6. This sounds silly, but I miss my mom. She is working allll the time and I wish I could see her more. It's only because of tax season, so soon we will be able to spend time together like we used to. I love you and miss you!

Now back to our regularly scheduled happiness:

1. My body hurts because there is a beautiful little girl inside it.
2. Adam will be home all weekend.
4. Tomorrow we get to play at the park with the Parks (hehe) AND eat Ethiopian with our group. Mommy and Charlie day! (PJs not included.)
5. JVC has a helpline that can possibly help me with the .ppp file from hell.



Kelly said...

You are so funny! You make me laugh, because I can actually hear your voice while reading this.


Heather, I've been following your blog for a while and am so encouraged by all that you share, the good and the bad.
Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day! Hang in there!

nosmallfeat said...

Way to turn it around there at the end. yeah, yeah...

pattypoo514 said...

Oh my sweet girl....I love you and miss you too. Tax season will be over soon and I can't wait to spend more time with my wonderful family!


Julie said...

Heather, I am sorry about your back.
Folding laundry is more fun than it seems!
You and your mom are so cute!
Hi Heather's mom!

Catherine and Dustin said...

At least you are pushing through! And Owen is super excited about seeing Charlie and going to the park today!

April & Doug said...

Heather you are a trip... besides the sciatic nerve thing you'd never know you were pregnant.. (HA HA! Wait until your butt and your whole leg go numb!) Today my left leg is throbbing where the top of my leg meets my hip... and I can barely walk.. I have a limp.. And just remember when Mallory gets here you'll forget all of this stuff. XOXO (Oh and hey Heather's mom!)

Deirdre said...

Oh honey, I feel for you! I can relate on at least half the counts—especially the boring mom stuff (Sidamo has asked me at least 100 times this week, "Mommy all done sleep yet?). Poor kid.

But you're doing great with the silver lining; Adam will be home soon and you'll have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend, whether or not it's caught on tape. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your sciatic nerve. I had it during both of my pregnancies (and many times afterward, sorry to give you the bad news) There are some chiropractors who will work on your during pregnancy and it helps BUT you need to find the right one. Other than that, an ice pack to relieve the swelling will give you some relief. Good luck. Nice to meet you last nite.


Handlyrics said...

You surely do keep me laughing.