Monday, June 16, 2008


Last week Adam was scheduled to do 3 jobs in Mobile, Alabama. Usually, he has to fly to his jobs, but this time he was driving, and we have family near there, soooo...a road trip was born! It was so nice to get to go with him, instead of sending him off for 3 or 4 days alone. Here's the backstory on the fam: My cousin, Jill, her hubby Garrett, and thier kids all moved to the Gulf Shores area a couple of years ago, knowing that her parents would eventually retire there. Well, now they are all down there and loving it. My mom misses her sister, but hopefully we will be making lots of trips back and forth. Jill and Garrett have 5 amazing kids, 3 boys were first, and then came the twins, a boy and a girl. The kids are amazing, all of them. Funny, charming, smart, and best of all WELL BEHAVED! We went to a great seafood place for lunch one day, and I was joking (only not, because it was true) that their 5 were much easier than our ONE. Jill is amazing as well. She is a couple of years older than me, and I remember growing up thinking she was the coolest person in ther world. She listened to R.E.M and U2 and went to concerts and had long perfect hair and was always beautiful. Once we both got older, we got close and now we talk on the phone alot. Her interest in Ethiopia and her love for Charlie truly mean so much to me. Watching her be such a wonderful mom is an inspiration, and in fact I learned a lot this week. She makes it all look so easy, and I was taking notes the whole time! She's a total Wonder Woman! She and Garrett were the best hosts. The whole visit was wonderful...We were all excited to have the kids play together, which they did nonstop, with only a few altercations (mostly caused by one Prince Charles!)
Thanks, you guys for having us, for making us feel so welcome, and for the late night talks that will surely bring us even closer. We love you all so much.

See...told you we had fun!!

Yesterday we had a great Father's Day. I have lots to share about it, but that will be my next post. For now, let's all send some welcoming vibes to Dierdre's baby girl, who seems to have shunned my idea about sharing a birthday today! :)

Oh, and thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post. Maaaaaybe I was fishing for them. I need the boost right now! Love you all.


Jess Addison said...

Next time you better swing by and pick me up, too!! The pics are adorable! I can't believe Charlie let you bury him in the sand! Yuck!!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday! I swear I wrote my other comment BEFORE reading this!
Those pictures are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like you captured the essence of your trip in pictures and that is F-U-N. The one of the 6 kids is priceless.. Charlie buried in snd... hilarious and the kid with the mohawk is too cool for words.

You're right... your cousin is gorgeous. Clearly it runs in your family. (See and you were't even fishing for THAT one)!

xoxo -- see you in a few.

Deirdre said...

So much fun! Happy, happy birthday, and thanks for all the birthing vibes. They're bound to work eventually, right?

BoShanks said...

I wish you guys could come with me everytime. What fun we had. Work ain't so bad with the family in tow.

Sandra said...

That looked like fun! We got back Sat. from our beach fun. How are things with your cheerleader? I changed the blog site:)