Monday, October 13, 2008

The Baby Spa...

This girl loves her bath! And I love to give her one, because (and this is gross) I never realized how those cute little baby rolls really start to smell when formula gets down in there and dries.
At her doctor visit last week, our gal weighed in at....drumroll please....14 pounds! She is a little chunk, but she is perfecto.

Not to be out-cuted, Charlie asked for a little mini-portrait session tonight, too.

Guess I could've wiped the Cheezit goo off of his sweet little face, huh? In the last pic, he is pretending to be night-night. :)
In other Charlie news, potty training is going sooo much better. Today alone he made three rather smelly deposits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Let's hope this is really the end of the Pullup days, for a couple of years at least. We could be saving about a million dollars a year.

Tomorrow, I go back to the orthopedist for follow up X-rays. Honestly, the elbow is not so bad. Today I went sling-free all day, and it's fine. I just have to be aware of how I am moving and keep Charlie from jumping all over me. I did have one painful moment a few days ago when I almost dropped a can of V8 and instinctively grabbed for it. Yeeaaaowch. Other than that, it's not so bad! And totally worth the skating. Although I will never, ever be skating again, thank you very much. I have learned my lesson...

Another lesson learned this weekend is this one: The less I work, the more I enjoy it. It's a pretty simple truth for me, I guess. I shot a maternity session with the cutest couple ever, and it was so satisfying. I love the photos, they love the photos, and I feel good about having done it. I am looking forward to another family session this weekend. It is so nice to be excited about something I (usually) love to do. Here are a few:

How cute are these two...well, three??!

One last thing...there's this family that I adore. I don't see them nearly enough, but I suspect that when we make the trek to the coolest mall in our state for our holiday shopping, we will force them into having dinner with us. Only this time, Virginia will be the one turning down a beer. Go say congrats to this soon to be family of four!


The O'Pry's said...

Heather I love the photos. I need you to do a session for our family SOON. Charlie and Mallory are adorable.

Jess Addison said...

I had fun helping you with that session! The pics are amazing! And I totally agree with SATC ASAP 4SHO!

Virginia said...

Awww, thanks Heather :) You know how to make a preggo girl feel special. We sure missed you all on Saturday, btw! The photos are super cute.. still waiting to hear about your new business too :)


Chantel said...

Ahhhhhh....Monica and Brandon! Yaaay:)

Catherine said...

Cute pics! I like the first and the last the most!

Miss you.