Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tech support, please!

Okay, so you guys are able to see what keywords people Googled to find your blogs?
That sounds like too much fun to miss out on. Do I have to upgrade my Sitemeter account? Or am I just not seeing it?
Someone help!


Julie said...

On the free sitemeter occasionally you can click on a google referral. It will tell you the word, or phrase someone used. Enjoy! I

Rachel said...

I use Google Analytics. Once you set up your account, they give you some HTML code that you can just embed as HTML in the sidebar of your blog. They do the rest... it's cool. You can see who's googling what to find you, where they're being referred from, how long they're staying and where they're from. Very fun.

Christina said...

Google Analytics, baby. It rocks my world (and allows me to spy on people, which fulfills my dark side :) ).