Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome home, Edward.

So this weekend has been pretty fantabulous. Friday night, Jess, Apryl, Amber and I got a little silly in preparation for the big day. Frozen margs (in the cold, not as much fun), Twilight clips on the Mac, and dancing in the living room. Apryl is our newbie...but I feel like we have been friends for a long time. She fits right in...which means she is crazy and awesome. :)The gals spent the night since we had to get up super early and go get our man!

Amber says, thank you Apryl!

Watching the kiss scene...know how I know? Check out the toes. Hehe.

This came too soon, but who needs sleep? Vampires don't.

Here we come!

He's OURS!

There was no one there but us and a couple of teenage girls. Oh, well. It was fun to get there early. We had extra time to do this:

Matching flip flops, courtesy of Apryl. Matching toes, courtesy of being just that cool.

Tonight we cooked out with some friends and family, and I am totally kicking myself for not getting one single photo of my Chantel. She lives too, too far away, but it was great having her and her fam down for the night. Here's a great one of me and my women, though:

Tomorrow we are on the move again. We have an Ethiopian gathering that I am really looking forward to, because we are going to meet some new familes, a few of whom live very close to us. This is exciting news, and I can't wait to chat them up...and eat a ton of delish Opia veggies! Email me if you are in the area and need details.

So, here's to new friends, old friends, sexy vampires, and turkey burgers.
It's been a great one!


Cindy said...

I laughed and laughed all the way through your post. I bet the Target employees were wondering what in the hell you were doing with a camera in the store (as one of them I would have laughed my butt off if I saw you ladies come in!!)
So glad you had a fun day!

Rachel said...

Oh! Jealous!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun!

Lindsey said...

How about I was at home for Spring Break and I had to take Shelby and her friends to Walmart at MIDNIGHT Friday night for the big release event!(despite the mass text warning people not to go to walmart or they would get shot) There were so many people there and by the time we made it through the line, all the copies were gone. It was crazy!

BoShanks said...

At least now I won't have to use TV shows as an excuse not to do housework, cause Twilight will be taking that away.

audreyh said...

I must admit after staying up late the night before, when the alarm went off I was like ugh. But once we got some major caffeine in us courtesy of none other Starbuck's there was no stopping us!

My toes are really growing on me and Chloe loves too! What a great weekend, and it doesn't end yet..... Friday night her we come baby!

Turkey burgers may have to be new thing at our house they tasted yummy!!

audreyh said...

This is officially cb's first blogging experience. She got to the pic of our toes and said "Those are Ms. Heather's", I said how do you know...:"She has tattoo's and you don't". Then she kept looking at all the pics of Charlie and Mallory and kept saying awwww they are so cute Mommie! Gotta start them early:o)

cathy said...

In that last photo, could you be any more beautiful?????

What a fun night for you all!!! I have my dvd all ready to go for tonight. edward, here I come!

Chantel said...

Woe is me! I'm so sad I live so far away and that gets reinforced everytime I visit the magical world of Beauchamp Land:(. Soooo glad we dragged our tired & hungover butts to your neck of the woods for the evening even if we were boring. I'm also glad Adam finally talked to me...teehee...jk. Miss miss miss you all xoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!