Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You like Me!

Well, at least some of you! I have been nominated twice for the Fabulous blog award thingy. It really warms my heart to know that despite my slacking off lately, people still read. Kinda makes me feel like Tilda Swinton winning an Oscar for Michael Clayton, which she was barely even in. GRRR.

Anyway, on to happier topics!

I have been picked by the Moe Better Family. These guys are local, and seriously adorable. They have been through some really hard times, and are finally living it up with cool lil' Moe. I love getting to see them in person, although my coolness meter starts to drop as soon as I am around the lovely Moe Mama. I would LOVE to meet Steph for dinner and hang in the big city together. Seriously, there should be some cap on how cute one person can be!

My other tag was by Jess at Our Ever Growing Family. Talk about cute kids...wow. And the perfect number of them, I think. Jess is awesome and honest and makes you feel like you have known her forever when you read her. I think that we would be great friends in real life!

So the deal is that now I have to share 5 of my most fabulous addictions. Only 5?
Okay, in no particular order:

Although I am starting to agree with Adam that it may be the downfall of society as we know it, I still log in daily (read:hourly) to see what the peeps are up to. I can no longer imagine a world where I don't know what so and so had for dinner, what my sister is currently craving, or who got stuck in traffic this afternoon. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Blackberry next month. Can you guess why??

Come on, who isn't? I mean, it's insane. I have gotten several people hooked on it, just for fun. Catherine, who almost didn't trust me after I forced her to borrow The O.C (which, yes, I LOVE) is completely caught up after only a few months. My friend Cindy, who had NO idea what it was, is now ordering season sets on Amazon. If you don't watch it, you SHOULD. It's the best, best show ever. (Well, other than The Wonder Years.)

I go through a couple jars of these a week. I stand over the sink and eat them like they're going to run away. I stomp my foot for the hot ones. I put them in our big salads, even though most people pick them out and give them to me. My mouth is watering right now!

This is one that has been trying to sneak away from me for the last couple of years. I have ALWAYS loved rides. The biggest, scariest ones. And lately, I am in line, a little anxious, looking around thinking, "well, if that little kids can do it...." Then I get on and immediately I'm laughing my butt off and never want it to end. It's euphoric. I missed out last summer, so this year, it's ON. But I will be pulling extra hard on those safetly buckles, just to be sure.

Need I say more?

Okay, now I get to nominate some folks!
5 Fabulous Blogs.
And the Bloscars go to...

This is my gal Catherine's new blog. And yes, this is my plug! Go check it out!
(Yes, Cat, you have to do it, but you can do it at your home blogger. :)

This is one of my best blog friends, Dierdre. Our kids are similar, in age and origin! She's a lot like me...and a lot like the me I want to be. And she hates being tagged. Teehee.

Cathy is another blogfriend who lives too far away. Her kids crack me up from thousands of miles away, and I cannot wait to give her a squeeze when we finally meet. Cathy, I hope you are a hugger. :)

An award, to welcome sweet lil Amber to blogworld! Please go say hi, and read all about my sweet babies. :)

My guru. Seriously, Charlie Fekadu would not be here if it were not for Cindy. We met shortly after Adam and I started the process, and she literally did everything but fill out our paperwork. HOURS of instant messaging. Phone calls. A trip to the west to see the Wonder Twins. I miss you, you crazy psycho. :)

I hear the music playing in the background...my time is up! :)
Thank you, and good night!


Heatherbean said...

I just realized that this is my
200th post! Woohoo!

Deirdre said...

Aww, I'm honored! And you're right, I hate being tagged. :-) I never know what to say (plus, my addictions are a little less socially acceptable than yours!), so I'll just comment here and let you know that I ditto the fact that you're fabulous. Totally and completely.

And happy 200th post! You don't look a day over 199.

2girls said...

You are an incredible human being Heather Beauchamps!

cathy said...

Fabulous! For our first outing together, I'll contact you via Facebook, we'll ride some rollercoasters, then go to your house for a nap! Cheers!

Stephen and Heather O'Pry said...

How fun. I love the last favorite of yours. That bed looks so comfy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on 1, 2 and 5. I used to be all about scary rides until the free fall of death at Six Flags Great Adventure -- that and one too many rickety rides on the Coney Island Cyclone - and a love for life - has cured me of that particular addiction. For now.

Jess said...

oh your so sweet! I think we could really be friends in the real world too! mostly just cause I think you rock :)

Catherine said...

Thanks for the nomination! I will do it as soon as I get a second! You know me! busy busy!