Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello friends!! Here I am to well, blog! I won't even go into all the distractions and reasons for my absence...just want to do some catching up and see where it goes. I miss everyone ALOT though.
Today I attempted something ELSE I have been totally slacking on...photographing my youngins! It did not go well. Mallory was overdue for her nap, and Charlie just can't seem to remember where the camera is. BUT their outfits are so stinkin' cute, I will post the best of them here.
These first ones are my attempt at getting Mallory to sit still and smile pretty. She was so excited about a)the grass, and b)the dogs, that she just could not focus:

Now for the cute tye dye outfits...

You have got to be kidding me.

I would go back out for round 2, but it is TOO DANG HOT. Anyone else just to hot to go outside. We have yet to visit the waterpark, the zoo, or the park since preschool let out. Sad, I know. We have done the pool several times, though. I don't even remember being this hot last summer when I was pregnant.
Speaking of...my sis is getting a good dose of pregnant these days: We had her baby shower a couple of weeks ago...Baby Cullen is due in 4 little weeks!

What else is up? I am totally bummed about missing the EKC picnic AGAIN. I can't imagine how much fun it would be to meet blogfriends in person. Maaaaybe next year, and maaaaybe we will even get to meet the children of these lovely people...(by the way, I might have stopped blogging to protest the ridiculously long wait time of said lovely people's proposal ;)Read about the big day, it is a wonderful story. Congrats again, you guys.

What else? Last week, Adam invited us to go to work with him in Asheville, NC. Jess and I tagged along with the kids and had a great week. We saw the Biltmore on my birthday, which was awesome. The wine tasting was pretty fun, too. After 3.5 days there, Adam got a call to do a job in Biloxi, MS. Which happens to be (in my opinion) one of the happiest places on earth. So, in the car driving from Asheville, I am texting away searching for an overnight babysitter. Amber (who has moved back home, but is still our great babysitter) came through, and after the 4 hour drive from NC, we embarked on another 6 hour journey to MS. To gamble from midnight to 6 am, sleep until noon, and arrive home at 7pm. Phew!! It was a BLAST, and no, we didn't even hit the big one (this time...we will be back!)

All is well at the Beauchamps. The kids are awesome, the family is well and healthy, our friends are still as close as ever. I'll leave this post with a couple of our latest Charlie-isms:

"Mom, I'm a son. And you have to be very careful with sons!"

"Pop, don't say shit!" (oops).

(while playing Mario, to himself) "Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me!" (I have no idea where he heard this.)

"Earth is our planek, where we live, Mom. It's a good planek."


Heather O'Pry said...

Mallory is getting soooo big. Time flies! Miss you guys. Oh, and welcome back to the blog world, don't stay gone so long the next time :)

Julie said...

Earth is our planek! I love them! Thanks for the shout out.I think people were wishing that I had stopped blogging during the wait. (:
Your kids are crazy cute, and I love the tie-dye.
See you next summer!

Anonymous said...

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