Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, I go to the drugstore this morning to pick up my birth control. I love my babies, but I NEED the pill right now. I had been using samples from my doc to make sure I was on the right one, so this was the first time I was getting them from the store. $62. Really?? I have never paid more than 20 bucks before. So I call the insurance company, and they let me know that I have a $100 deductible on all name brand drugs. So, they are telling me that our $1200 every three months to cover our family is not QUITE enough money, and that the also are going to need this drug deductible. I guess they would rather me get pregnant again, so that I could go through another pregnancy that they DON'T EVEN COVER. I'm so over these people.

It's really too bad I picked today to blog, because things have been going really, really well around here. I escaped to the beach for a weekend with my best friend, Adam and I are doing great, the kids are awesome. My sister is graduating from college this weekend, and my mom's 50th is tomorrow. Plans for this weekend's celebrations are in full swing, and life is good. So, here I am, in my first REALLY bad mood in weeks. Bleeeehhhh....Happier catchin up soon.


April and Doug said...

You should have asked them about an IUD.. let me guess... don't cover that EITHER!? What a crock... let's protest!

ErinM said...

But I'll bet they'd cover Viagra if you were a man and needed it! Argh, insurance drives me crazy.

Glad to hear things have been better lately!