Monday, September 7, 2009

September, remember?

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. My kids are huge! I'm getting so stoked for the fall...I cannot wait to take them to all the fairs and the farms. Mal is quite the adventurer, just like her bro.
Oh, update on the yard sale went well. Our house is MUCH less cluttered, and while I do pop out to the garage now and then to glance at my old treasures (anything that didn't sell is out there, waiting for round 2), I am happy with less stuff.
ALSO...less stuff on my head is making me happy. I did it..cut it all off! I love it. I was worried that I would miss it, but it was such a hassle. I even like it messy. It's way more fun.
How's about some pics from my parents' house today...


leslie and adam said...

I can't believe how big those kids are getting! You all look so great - we miss you like crazy! Happy Two Year Anniversary of the best travel group ever :)

Leslie, Adam and the hooligans

Stacy said...

your babies are getting so big! and they are so beautiful.