Wednesday, September 30, 2009

on the road, again

I am sitting on my couch, rested, showered, and really happy about the great times we have spent with family in the last couple of weeks. We literally have not been home for more than a few hours in 8 days or so. Adam was scheduled to computerize a brand new ChicFilA in the Charlotte, NC area, and I immediately volunteered me and the kids to be travel companions. (Adam at least faked being thrilled about this;). His aunt and uncle live there, and we never have had a lot of time to spend with them. We had a great time...other than my nervousness about the kids breaking stuff (they didn't!). Dodie showed us around Charlotte, and I fell in love with the city. It's beautiful...the perfect southern city with a ton of charm. It's a lot different than the good ole ATL. (though i love her, too).
Some photos from our time with Rick and Dodie!
Best cookies ever...gotta find me a Trader Joe's nearby!

Rick is an awesome grillman...runs in the family!

At the Children's Museum...

Checking out the Shipwreck exibit.

Mallory totally jacked my necklace that morning.

So, on our last day, Adam picked us up from the (beautiful) house around 5 to head home. Just had to make one more quick stop by the restaurant. Which of course led to almost SIX hours of waiting, driving around with the kids in the rain, panicking, singing every song I could remember from childhood, doing donuts in the parking lots, and eating lots of KFC mac and cheese. Adam now says that I jinx him when I tag along...I don't agree. :) Surely that printer cable issue would have happened anyway, right? The kids were GREAT in the car. We walked them at all the rest stops, fed them planty of french fries, and listened to the Chicken Dance cd at least 63 times. :)SO, they're fine, we're insane.
More stories from the road, coming soon!

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Christina said...

Whoa, are those kiddos of yours growing up or what?! And hahaha - how did I never realize both our men work in computers? Six hours and your man is still alive?! You have far more patience than I.