Friday, October 9, 2009

Fickle Musician...

Mallory has a new love, one that Adam swears he taught her, but I dunno. I think she's a natural. So of course, I grab the camera and get a shot of my baby's incredible talent. I did refrain from calling Oprah, barely.

Cute, right??

And then...just like that, the music business became too much, and Mal quit, before the pressure overtook her life and she ended up in baby rehab.

My girl is so smart. I guess we will have to work on her many other natural gifts instead. ;)

Here's another vid of my musically inclined kids having one of thier many jam sessions a few weeks ago. may wanna turn down your volume...a lot.

Party on!


audreyh said...

Oh my gosh I love it. She is such a little super star already, outfit and all! I will be her groupie any day!

cathy said...

i think they should start a band: call them "One Arm Cast and Tutu!"

jayme said...

We are *so* having a giant dance party when we come visit! (still working out the details on that, but it *will* happen!

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Christina said...

Just checking in. Think Pink Floyd, "Is there anybody *out* there?" :) Hope all is well, chica.