Monday, November 16, 2009

The World According to Chuck.

This is fun for me, and close to my heart, being the picture lover that I am . Adam's work camera was no longer useable for him, because the display screen broke. The camera still worked, though, and so he gave it to Charlie. Best idea ever. Looking at the photos this morning from the past few weeks was so much fun. He hasn't seen these yet, but he will no doubt be proud of his artistic vision. Enjoy the view from Charlie height. (Captions also by the artist.)
Bouncy ball!

Mommy driving carefully.

A suckah.


Captain America, sideways.

Mallory in the carseat.

Daddy's picking up Mallory.

Daddy, sitting.

Daddy, about to grab me.

My feet, and my leg.

Banana. (But really, it's the sun.)

Down the stairs.

My mommy's room!

The kitchen, with my walkie-talkie.

That's where Daddy keeps the Wii remotes!

Charlie Boshanks.

A cookie on my little table.


Da fwah. (floor.)

The man's got skills. :) Give your kiddos a camera (an old one) and see what they come up with!


ErinM said...

Love the pics! Charlie is clearly following in your shoes :-)

Christina said...

Way to go Charlie!

Heather O'Pry said...

I'm loving the pictures, looks like he may have your talent Heather. We still need to get together so that the boys can play.

Marlena said...

That bouncy ball looks familiar!