Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moan.

hehe. forgive the suggestive title, will ya? you know you twilight freaks REALLY go for the boys. and i do mean BOYS. several times during the movie, i almost slapped myself. "he is SEVENTEEN! calm yourself!" phew.

okay, so the movie. due to my first ever peer pressure experience where i was NOT the person doing the pressuring, my girlfriends and i decided at the last minute to see the midnight preview. i also had tickets for friday night, so OKAAAY, i went again. i should be able to put together a proper review. if you have not seen it, and plan's a hint. don't read this. i'm going bullet style, 'cause i got no review skills.

-i really, really liked the movie.

-i didn't feel AS giddy as i did watching Twilight, but i realize that New Moon is in fact, better.

-i thought the actors did MUCH better this time. Kristen Stewart didn't fidget quite as much, Taylor Lautner seemed much more confident, and Rob Pattinson, well. I mean, he IS Edward.

-Taylor Lautner's body. (please, i know, it's sick. don't report me.)

-spirit Edward was a little cheeseball, but i got used to it. i LOVED the vision of he and Bella, underwater after she jumped off the cliff. The whole underwater scene was really cool.

-i loved when the Volturi painting started to move. it was visually beautiful, and a great part of the story.

-Aro and Jane kick total ASS. best bad guys evah. well, except Lestat. cmon.

-The comic relief was great again. without Mike, Eric, and Jessica, the movies would be totally laughless. other than a couple good cracks by Alice.

-i loved that i found myself rooting for Jacob at times. that's how good some of his and Bella's scenes together were. i felt like a traitor, but man, it felt good!

-the CGI was "eh", but i didn't care. the wolves were awesome.

-when jacob phased in mid-air, even though it was in the trailer i saw 586 times, i was pumped. such a good, suspensful moment.

-victoria bored me this time, other than the water scene.

-some of the camera work made me dizzy! when Bella lies down in the woods, i got quesy, and that never happens to me. also when sam jumps off the cliff. eeks.

-i missed the other Cullens. one of my favorite things about Twilight was all the Cullen time. here they were not as involved, but it is true to the story.

-what the heck happened to Edward's silver Volvo?

-i thought emo Bella was great, and really sad. she could have looked a LITTLE more haggard, but i thought it was fine. the nightmare moments were heartbreaking!

-watching Bella come back to life as she and Jake worked on the bikes was adorable...

-but it was weird when she threw the slice of pizza and he caught a tool.

all in all, i enjoyed New Moon. i'm not nearly as Twihard as i was last year, but it's still a really fun escape. and big thanks to my Adam for going with me and only making minimal jokes throughout. ;) bring on Eclipse, June 20th!!


cathy said...
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cathy said...

(Sorry, had to delete my last post b/c i wrote so fast it was full of typos.) love your review. glad i wasn't the ONLY person who almost lost her cookies when the camera was spinning over Bella. i had to look away. i, too, wanted to see Bella with unwashed hair, purple circles under eyes, sobbing, etc. i needed more despair from her. also, when jacob rescues her from the water and she wakes up, she has the same expression on her face that she always does. i like kristin stewart, but i don't think she truly captures Bella. the soundtrack was fabulous. the visuals were great. i missed the plane ride home from italy, and how much edward has to convince bella he loves her. but much better than twilight all around!

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