Wednesday, March 24, 2010

stuff my kid says.

ah, another day, another need for more than a status update or tweet. tonite at dinner cf cracked me up and also gave me pause with one of "those" moments. i'll start with the funny stuff.

CF: (eating ice cream very slowly)
me: "Charlie, are you done with that?"
CF: "no, i'm just eating slowly. i'm maintaining, so i don't get brainfreeze."
me: (busts out laughing)


i'm cleaning up and come back into the dining room
CF: (singing)"the party don't start till Mom walks in!"
me: (busts out laughing again)

and then...

something came up about CF being a daddy one day when he's grown.
CF: "when i'm a man, i want to be just like daddy".
me: "you will, babe. you will be big and tall and strong, and maybe have a family if you want"
CF: "no, i mean i want to LOOK like daddy"
me: "well, we all look different. we all just look like ourselves."
CF: "i'm talking about all the same colors, like daddy, like pink and orange and stuff."
( adam orange?)
me: "oohhh, well, i got ya. the thing about skin is that most of us are different colors, and that's a good thing. you will always have brown skin, and dad will always have that pinkish skin, and when you are a man, you will still be brown. your skin is great and it's beautiful."
CF: "aww, thanks, mom."

and that was that.

so not a big conversation, but one of many that are coming. this time though, i didn't panic. i didn't wonder if i said the right things. i didn't overanalyze. he's a kid, asking questions that any kid would ask. i CAN do this, and i'm going to do a good job. i know that now...finally.

i'm learning not to be afraid of the big, bad wolves anymore. i feel sorry for them, mostly.

one more thing he said...
""mom, you crack me up when you dance."

get used to it, kid! ;)


andrewodom said...

You are right, there are many more conversations to come. But with that love that you and Adam have for CF and with the humor and wit you bring to life, they will all end with such grace. Vive la Beauchamp!

Christina said...

love when you post! thanks for the giggles :)

leslie said...

Our most recent "interesting" convo has involved explaining St. Patrick's Day to Dereje ("you mean to tell me if I don't wear green tomorrow random people will PINCH me???? What is WRONG with you people???") CF looks so GROWN - can't wait to see you!! Miss you!
Leslie, Adam and kids