Sunday, July 18, 2010

ramblings of july.

things are simultaneously hectic and calm here, somehow. we manage to keep busy, while still carving out pajama days filled with movies and blankets on the floor and various horrible food items. this pregnancy (the surprise one, yes) is sucking my will to live some days. i'm moody, overly sensitive, hungry, full, restless, blah...adam is being good...he's currently at the store getting me fruit. several kinds. siiiiigh. i know, it's a rough life.

we are excited for the baby though. people seem a little shocked at the idea of another one, but i don't care. we are making my office into a nursery...kinda symbolic, seeing as i once had a need for a computer, files, shelves...and now i just need space to store all these youngins. ;)

adam and i are also slowly working on some house projects. we got the basement pretty much finished, and our roommate mike is living down there comfortably. it's pretty awesome. we have a schedule made of what's happening next around here and when to start them so we can stay organized. my garden didn't get as big as i thought it would. it's so HOT, and i'm so TIRED, and i wish i had committed more, but i didn't. we have had some awesome squash, peppers, and tomatoes though, and that's not a bad start.

the kids are so big. some days we have a blast, laughing, making up little games, dancing....some days, they have me on the verge of madness. (again with the hormones). charlie starts school in 2 weeks, and i can't believe it. i know he will love it. i am hoping his teacher has her wits about her. ;) he's a handful, but such a charmer. other than today when we stomped off and called me Medusa. nice.

mallory jessica will be 2 years old next month. she's not a big talker. i'm not worried, as she is obviously vastly intelligent and beautiful. she says a new word almost every day, and that girl is COUNTRY. tonight she said "my ball", but it came out sounding like "mah baww"...lawd help. that is a stubborn one, too. but again, she won't be taking any crap, and i love that.

adam's still traveling and it can be hard some weeks. sometimes on monday i feel as if thursday will never get here. but we keep our routine going and it always comes, and my quiet weeknights are always enjoyed. i could not function at ALL without our nanny, Meredith. that girl is an angel from heaven. thanks to her, i can get up, get ready for work, work all day and never worry about whether the kids are having a good day. she's amazing.

work. work is really good. i enjoy it a lot. jessie and i basically hit the town and sell yellow page ads. some are long time customers that we renew, and some are new ones that we work ourselves. it's a lot of fun meeting people, and only once has anyone been totally rude. **dontgototiremasterthomastongacoughcough** it's nice to get out and work and still have a flexible schedule for the kids. and for all the doctor's appointments i have coming up.

if #3 is a girl, she will be Piper. we're still at it over boys' names, so feel free to name our kid. ;)

if i can remember how to blog properly...i will keep trying. didn't i use to be a little better at this? sheesh. :/

here are a couple of photos of my goofball kids:


Rachel said...

It's been a long time since a blog post of yours has come across my reader! Glad things are going well and congrats on the new addition!!! My how Charlie's grown!!!

Christina said...

Dang, Rachel beats me every time. Congrats on the life-sucker, and I love seeing how big the kidlettes have gotten!

Cindy said...

Yeah! You blogged!
Glad your summer is going well!

Julie said...

So happy for the update!

Mama 2 three said...

Congrats on your pregnancy, that is wonderful news!