Thursday, July 29, 2010

Open House, 1 of...42?

42...assuming we have 3 kids and none of them fail a grade or drop out of school....hmmm. ANYWHO.

open house was really fun. it's SO easy to get caught up in the excitement and school spirit. we stopped on the way so that charlie could pick out a plant for his new teacher. *suckup* ;) meredith went along with us, always a welcome addition to whatever we're doing. we ran into several friends and familiar faces. some of the staff are family friends. a lot of the kids i recognize from the photo studio days. it's SUCH a positive, upbeat place. everyone there seems so excited, and truly happy to be meeting you and your child.

this photo is pretty special to me...when adam and i were preparing our dossier for the adoption, we were allowed to include a photo of the school that our child would one day attend. we drove up here and took a picture of the primary school, since it would be the first one. it seemed so...vague, so far into the future. at that point, even traveling to Ethiopia felt like forever away. and here we are.

ms. holcomb, charlie's teacher, graduated from college with my sister a couple of years ago. it's her first year with her own classroom. i think she's a perfect match for him. i told her he can be...spirited, and she laughed and promised that it would be fine. we agreed to not believe everything CF tells us about the other. ;)

as soon as we entered the room, charlie bolted for the rug and began coloring. he explored the toys and games, the reading corner, and didn't seem nervous at all. (feigned shock) he even stayed in the classroom while i checked out the cafeteria, looked at bus schedules, and of course, bought some cute LCPS t-shirts. he is really, really going to love it.

all that said, i did involuntarily choke up several times during the hour or so we were there. i don't know WHY really. i never really understood what was so emotional about it. school is awesome, kids love it, parents love it, it's all good, right? now i get it. it means your baby is no baby. simple as that. and so, it begins. :)


Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6 said...

I speak from experience.... taking your 'first' to preschool while pregnant is NOT advised... I bawled buckets in the parking lot after leaving Delainey her first day... but trust me you both will get through it :)

Cindy said...

He is going to love it! I Big Boy!