Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day Jitters? Not here!

i was plotting, all day, to totally lie on this blog post. okay, well...withhold information. i planned on leaving out the part of the morning where....

wait for it...


the kids are supposed to be dropped off between 7:45 and 8 am. at 7:30, i wake up to charlie in my face saying "mooooommy, it's schooool tiiiiiime" which i jumped up, grabbed my phone to check the time, and hauled ass out of bed. i don't know WHY my alarm didn't go off...ok, i also don't know if maybe i turned it off. i was dreaming about winning some money on a slot machine and also being attacked by bees.'s possible.

luckily, the angel that is Meredith showed up right then. i got dressed and washed my hair while she got CF ready. mallory woke up too, so i ran in to grab her and rushed out of the room, bashing my little toe into the toddler bed and almost crashing us both down the stairs. we got teeth brushed, pictures made, supplies in the car. (the entire time with me muttering, "why did i do this, why on the first day, WHAT is my problem, okay, calm down, we will make it, it's fine, oh my GOSH i am the worst mother ever"....and so on. all charlie said was "i'm so nervous that i might pupe!"

we got in the van around 7:42 and made it right on time. charlie was irritated with my picture taking outside the school, saying "you're making me EVEN LATER"...haha. we saw some more friends from preschool, none of which are in his class, but it's ok. he's going to make friends quickly, no doubt.

we got to Ms. Holcomb's room and handed off lunch money and supplies. charlie went right to the rug and sat with the other kids while i tried not to hover. one quick hug and kiss and i went out the door, but...i didn't leave right away. i hung out in the hallway, just curious to see what he would do. as i peeked in, most of the kids were still sitting patiently. what was my son doing? are you ready?


i will never, ever, forgive myself for not getting a picture. but i didn't. we're all gonna have to move on. ;)

luckily, jessie called me right as i was about to have the meltdown that had been creeping up on me all morning. i wasn't as upset as i thought i would be. just a little sad, and i really just missed him. even though i work daily, knowing he's at home is comforting. this is all new.

i spent the morning working at the office, checking the time. i came home for lunch and a nap, and finally it was 2:30. Charlie ran up to me in the hallway shouting "Mommy!" so freaking sweet. i mouthed "how was he?" to his teacher, who seemed surprised that i even asked. "he was great", she replied. *phew*

since then, i have asked him 4,684,873 questions. "did you nap?" "were you a good listener?" "did you sing songs?" "what songs did you sing?" "did you enjoy your lunch?" ...and so on. it was so much fun to hear his answers. he did totally sell out one kid in the class, saying he didn't listen to ANYTHING the teacher said...haha. said kid shall remain nameless, who knows if his mama is reading?? ;)

long story long, charlie had a perfect first day of school. he's excited to go back tomorrow. i will turn up the volume on my alarm. but i might forget his lunch money...NAHHHH.


Cindy said...

Yeah! Glad he had a good day!

cathy said...

rotfl! seriously, get used to it. you'll have a few more of those. remember the time i woke up at 7:20 and we had to be out of the house at 7:45 and i had to make cupcakes for lily's class? awesome. i didn't win any awards that day. i am so glad c had a wonderful first day!!!! it's amazing, isn't it?