Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny Girl...

MalMal will be 2 years old tomorrow! she is SUCH a character. her personality changes often. one minute she's headbanging to Lady Gaga, and the next she's feeling and putting her babies down for "night night".

here are the FOUR babies that mallory now diligently cares for daily:

we have Tagatha, of course. Tagatha will also be celebrating her birthday soon, as she was a present for Mal last year from her Nana. Every night since, she has cuddled her and rubbed the tag on her back, even in her sleep. it's her comfort item, and sadly, the tag is now attached by (gulp) duct tape. every time it comes off, mallory sobs and it's the most pitiful thing you ever saw. permanent tag replacement will be soon, and hopefully go unnoticed.

also in the family is a kitty cat doll that Mal got for Christmas from Carrie and Robby. she has recently fallen in love with KittyCat. she kisses it's nose all the time. Hello Kitty is also a permanent companion, and lately, charlie's first doll has gotten lots of attention. i'm hoping it stays at 4 for a while. i'm too young to have this many grandbabies. ;)

here's our girl playing, and generally being adorable, on her last day as a "something-month-old"... :)


Cindy said...

Woo-Hoo! 3 year olds rock! Have a happy birthday sweet girl!

Carrie Beauchamp said...

Happy Birthday Mallory!!!!
I love that Kitty too. :)