Monday, August 23, 2010


tucking charlie in tonite, we had this conversation. i thought it was pretty clever...on his part, not on mine. :/

cf: "can i watch a movie?'

me: "nope"

cf: "but i'm scared! i'm scared without you in here or a movie on. what if bad guys come?"

me: "bad guys won't come here."

cf: "why?"

me: "because...all the windows and doors are locked. and we don't have anything fancy."

cf: "what if they break the window?"

me: "then i will call the police and they will go to jail".

cf: "what if they come down the chimney?"

(here's the part were i start uber failing)

me: "ha! no way. only santa can come down the chimney."

cf: "but what if the bad guys have a ladder?"

me: "wellll....they can't get in because...because there's a special lock on the top of the chimney so people can't get in."

(can i just say in my defense that this is the FIRST time i have tried to make up a ridiculous lie to appease my child. i thought i should give it a shot.)

cf: "what if they break the lock?"

(ugh. brace yourself)

me: "um, it's made of a special, unbreakable metal."

cf: (pondering) "so, how does santa get in?"

me: (proudly) "well, we unlock it on christmas, silly! duh!"

cf: (confused) "aaaand what if the bad guys come on christmas?"

me: (facepalm)

after that, i fessed up. i just can't do it. i can't make up crazy answers to questions that i know he will figure out anyway. i'm just going to have to get better about explaining hard things to him in a kid-friendly, but not idiotic, way.

(how does one do that exactly?)

what else?

oh, my new obsession. yeah, there used to be these vampire books that i read...? i kinda remember being addicted to them, and now i have found myself there again. which is why i am frantically blogging tonight's post while eyeing my new hardback on the end table.
apparently, people knew about this trilogy and i wasn't paying attention. PLEASE, if you enjoyed Twilight, READ THESE BOOKS. no vampires, but there's something similar in the writing. (yeah, both tweener books, but they feel mature enough!;)


here's a review:

no, nevermind. all the reviews are too spoiler-y. you trust me, i know you do, so just go get it. or borrow mine. just make it happen so we can freak out together, mkay? mkay.

a few more quick things, since i now have a great book AND a strawberry milkshake awaiting me (are we SURE polygamy isn't legal? OHMYGOSH i'm kidding. calmdown.)

i'm seeing the cardiologist again due to some crazy heart racing spells. i'm sure it's nothing, and they aren't worried either, but we're doing some testing. better safe than sorry and all that jazz!

we find out the sex of hethen #3 NEXT FRIDAY! how is this flying by so quickly? eeek!!

more soon. by soon i mean, whenever i feel like bloggins. g'nite!


April said...

Might really love that you just labeled that precious baby "Hethan #3!" LOL! I can not wait to hear what it is!!!! AHHHH!!!

Rachel said...

Freaking LOVE The Hunger Games. And the third one comes out soon. Like tomorrow I think. :)

Cindy said...

Smarty Pants Boy! I love it. I have heard great things baout Hunger Games. I guess I better get started before someone ruins it for me ;)

Mike said...

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Megan said...

Fan SQUEE!!! (: I love the Hunger Game series and they are so amazing! Also, another fave of mine was Witch & Wizard by James Patterson! Also, The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (zombies)!

Kristine said...

We have these same conversations at our home with my 5 yr old. He is totally obsessed with "bad guys" coming to get him. Whats up with that? Is it a trauma/grief/security thing? Breaks my heart for these little guys to have to wrestle with so much. :(

Anonymous said...

my 15 year old son and i are both reading book #2...pretty cool that we can discuss the plotline to a book series that doesn't just make me (secretly, of course!!!) roll my eyes.