Monday, November 1, 2010


I've never even ATTEMPTED to participate in National Blog Post Month, even at the height of my bloginess. So, why I would dare to think that THIS would be the year to go for it, I have no idea. Maybe for the challenge. Maybe because I'm always talking to myself anyway, so I might as well record some of my rantings. Maybe because my blog is on life support. I think it's got permanent damage at this point. A Day At the Beauchamps won't ever be what it once was...When I look back at old posts, it seems like lifetimes have gone by, and yet it feels like yesterday. Maybe the reality of an actual timeline of my life is too scary. Being able to see it all go by is just another reminder that it is in fact, going by. Everything changes. On Facebook, I can whimsically update about little nothings and then go about my merry way, avoiding the permanence of whatever stupid thing I posted there. Here, I have grown up...and am still growing, some days more painfully than others. My babies are becoming kids. Things get hard, and through it all, it's still funny as hell most of the time. My blog used to be my safe place, but now feels a little scary and vulnerable. I hope this month will help that, and if it doesn't, then that's okay. It can be whatever it needs to be, and I'll still keep it around. I hope you'll be here, too. <3


Rachel said...

I'm glad you'll be blogging regularly - at least for the month of November! Looking forward to some good reading!

Theresa said...

I'm looking forward to some good reading too :) Here is to a month of blogging!