Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pitchers. :)

I figured I would use one of the first days of NaBloPoMo to update my photos here for posterity. These are all FB repeats, but I like having them in both places.

Fall Fun '10

Oh! A few weeks ago, I won tickets on the radio to Sesame Street Live. I was beyond excited to take the kids to Philips Arena for the first time, and they had a blast. It was even worth the ridiculously expensive souveniers and snacks...

Don't worry, America. Jess and I ventured to DC to restore sanity. All is well.

Yay, pictures!


Ugh, this is a shitty month to blog every day. I'm feeling more cynical than Denis Leary's standup comedy, and writing what I'm feeling would strike fear into the hearts of the masses. Maybe starting tomorrow I'll start taking essay suggestions so that I'm not left to my own devices. ;)


Christina said...

Hey, you did it! Go you. I wish we could have gone, although honestly, with the time it would have taken and what it would have cost us, I'm kind of glad we passed. I would have been a flaming b**** had I not gotten to get closer than 2 miles away. :)

ErinM said...

I decided that you needed some help with NaBloPoMo, so I tagged you in a meme :-) http://adoptionfamily.blogspot.com/2010/11/nablopomo-18-meme-day.html