Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So, a few days after my big TWO blog posts in November, I remembered that it was...November. The first thing that threw off the blog "streak" was that I decided to redo our living room...we had a small budget for a new couch, so I reasoned that with an affordable enough sofa set, we could do a whole new room. My friend and co-worker Jessie is a painting FOOL. She loves it, and I love help. ;) One girl's night in, a few hours, and some amazing Greek pizza thrown in and TADAH! Our new digs...

I LOVE THIS ROOM. i honestly think that i might have been a notch happier every day for the last three years had the room always looked like this. *sigh* thanks to my wonderful gals who helped make it happen with me...whether they painted the ENTIRE room (even behind the tv) or helped arrange the pillows...it all meant a lot. As I was working on it around 1 a.m, the blog popped into my head and i just...you know...ignored it. it was embarrasing for a couple days, but i'm over it. I'm very proud of my fellow bloggers (the real ones!) who made it!

Adam and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in October and to surprise him, I had secretly been awaiting the arrival of a tiny female min-pin...his favorite dog. We actually picked her up on the right date, and I managed to keep it a secret until I walked out with her and placed her in his arms. He was so excited...it's nice to every now and then do something for the guy who puts up with all my crap. He and Ruby are a great match...she's still learning her way around the kids and i, but...we're getting there. ;)

Fast forward because this post bores me. Documenting the obvious stuff seems a little monotonous...We ate Thanksgiving dinner, got a tree, we've been shopping for gifts, threatening that Santa won't bring said gifts, working, school, ect...what's really got me wanting to blog again are the kids and how freaking funny they are every day. Some of the things that they do and say make me want to run screaming OR freeze time and never let them get any bigger.

This morning was typical...I hit snooze one too many times and got in a rush...Charlie is a good helper sometimes, but in the morning, he's molasses. I'm showering, getting ready, getting the kids dressed, and the whole time, he's stalling. Twice in the last month, we've been late enough that he was going to miss breakfast with his class, so we stopped for a quick breakfast burrito. (I realize that the snooze button is to blame for this lateness, not my kids...)So, this morning as we carefully drive to school not going a mile over the speed limit, ahem...he offers me "the troof"....he goes slow in the mornings because he WANTS THE BREAKFAST BURRITO. hahah....to quote "I like to be late 'cause the breakfast is better"....little manipulator! who knew?

He seems to be learning a ton in school. He's all into identifying dinosaurs right now. he's a fantastic artist. he uses words that i never would have expected he would know at 4 and a half. he understands things...he's SO VERY smart...and SO VERY....bad sometimes. Our little Elf on a Shelf does not faze this one when we're in a power struggle. He rarely backs down, and we've had way more tantrums and talking back than I'd hoped for this month. The Santa card is not really doing it's job...maybe he is smart enough to know...well, you know...Boy, I hope not. Ironically, despite his craziness at home, the boy was totally student of the month for November. I literally screamed when I read the announcement. So stinkin' proud. Here he is at his celebratory lunch.

Mallory is Charlie's mini-me. Every. Single. Thing. Charlie says or does, she has to repeat. She wants the same toys. (Hear that Santa....think SIMILAR)...she hops into bed with him every night before I have to drag her to her own room. In the morning she yells "HEYYYYY GAHKEYYYYY". Yeah....Gahkey. That's as close as we've gotten. :) But it's adorable. She's so affectionate right now and just...silly and fun. I really need to take some video of the two of them soon...Words can't do their cuteness justice.

Here they are with Adam at dinner aboout a month ago. :)

As for the littlest Beauchamp...Today makes 30 weeks in the oven! Getting really excited to meet this little girl. The holidays are making this pregnancy FLY and I know I'm going to spend most (all) of January in a panicked rush to get ready for Pie. (Who by the way, could become Piper Ann Ryan Beauchamp if the Falcons make the Super Bowl...according to her Daddy.)

So, here's a couple of silly pictures of the kids tonight at dinner...SPEAKING OF....my kids who rarely eat enough to keep a bird alive, LOVE my enchiladas. I don't know what it is...I made them last weekend and they scarfed them down. Made them again tonight and they were at my feet begging for dinner to be ready. Seriously?? Looks like we'll be whipping them up at least once a week. ;)


Marlena said...

Not to get technical or anything...but I believe those are MY enchiladas :)

Kelly said...

Yippie! A surprise blog!

Sofa Arm said...

I have been checking out many of your stories and i can state pretty clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your website

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

Your beautiful kiddos are getting so big! Congratulations on your growing family!