Thursday, July 26, 2007

4 weeks tomorrow!

I can't believe it has been 4 weeks since our referral...I was just going through my email, trying to organize stuff (which if you know me, is a hilarious thought). I found this part of an email I sent my friend Kari, who definitely knew how I was feeling that day.

I guess I am at semi-peace with it. I don't feel like our referral is coming now, so I try not to think about the phone ringing anymore. I am just still trying to focus on the positives, and also trying to set up my business so that I can have more free time when the baby does come. I'm not saying it's gotten any easier, but what can I do other than get used to it? It would be an awesome surprise if Kristina was dialing our number right this minute (*gazing at phone*...haha). I just have to figure that our baby just isn't ready for us yet.
Maybe we do still have a chance.....haha, here I go again.

4 hours after I wrote that email, Kristina DID dial our number, and all of that tension was gone in a second. Now it is creeping back to me, because I am inclined to give in to what I want to do, which is pack my stuff, go to the airport, and sit there until we can go get our baby. I will say this...I have heard debate on which is harder, waiting for referral or travel, and this is definitely easier for me. I know who is, I know he is being cared for, and I know he is going to be ours soon. I am so grateful to the people who are making this as easy as possible for Fekadu, and I can't wait to meet them!

Work is really busy right now, which is good, because it forces me to think of other things, and bad, because it forces me to think of other things. I have some slower times coming up though, and I really need it for when we come home. I don't know how (or if) I will ever go back into full-on work mode.

Plans are also in motion for Marlena and Patrick's wedding. My little sis, all grown up! Who would have thought we would have a baby and a wedding within weeks of one another. We Worthans know how to cram it all in, that's for sure. ;) It's time to plan the Bachelorette party. (I can be a mom and still throw a good party, right?...)

We should get the GREAT news that we are through court next week. If we don't hear by Thursday, maybe I will start writing whiny, complaining emails to all of you....It did the trick last time! Keep your fingers crossed for us....


stephanie said...

Crossing all digits that you get through court quickly!!

marlena said...

Let's go through all of our "big" moments together, mmmkay???