Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I AM good at EBay after all!

So, Adam always tells me to let him do our Ebay-ing, because, well, I kinda suck at it. I either lose whatever I am bidding on at the last second, or bid too much on something, or pay the seller the wrong way. Haha. I admit it, okay? Last night I logged on to look for some bedding, because the one we picked out is way expensive, and I thought we could do better. I finally did find a set I really liked. The bid was only at 12.50...So I bid $50, thinking it would surely go up. Adam was helping me watch it, and somehow we won! We got a brand new 8 piece bedding set for......drumroll, please! Twenty bucks! Wow...I never seem to get lucky with stuff like this, so I was really excited. It's not exactly what I wanted, but I can still go with my color scheme of baby blue, brown, and red. I know it sounds weird, but wait and see!

I posted the pic of the bedding set, and a print I am ordering for Charlie's room...




cathy said...

OK, I have to applaud you for 2 things. First, your success at ebay. Second, the bedding you picked is SOOO stunning! And you were stressing about the nursery decor!!!! I LOVE IT!

Mom said...

I love the bedding. I actually have already seen the print. I thought you would like it when I saw it the first time. It is going to be an awesome room for Charlie.

Susy Q said...


My name is Susanna and I am (almost) 16 years old. I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found your blog since I love following families' journeys to bring their children home...I started my blog over a year ago and it has been amazing being able to share my family's adoption experience with my readers! (We brought my 18-month-old sister home 3 weeks ago.) I look forward to reading more and seeing pictures of Charlie!

Big Sis to two bio brothers (11 and 8) and one sister (18 mos.) from Ethiopia

Rachel B. said...

Cool blog:-) Isn't blogging fun??? I've enjoyed reading your posts on the forum and look forward to reading lots of fun posts here as well. Good luck waiting for travel!


LISA said...

He's adorable!!