Monday, July 30, 2007

Another week of suspence...

I really feel like my weary mind cannot possibly deal with another 4 days of worrying about our court date. We did find out today that our case should be one of the many going through on Friday. This Friday, August 3rd....4 little days right? No, more like 4 agonizingly long, anxiety-filled days. I feel like we got our referral 8374656352 days ago, and we are just never going to get to go. (I know, I'm whining....we all do it sometimes.)
I should be grateful. We don't have any foreseen delays, and we are expected to make it through with no problems. I really want to start packing, to book our flight, to go pick out toys to bring the other kids. I think time will go by much faster once we have our travel date. Those of you who have done this...Is that true? I am hoping that this knot in my stomach will go away once I have more info.
Fekadu is 16 months old the date we have as his birthday. It make me so sad to know that we cannot be with him yet. If all goes well, the day he turns 17 months old, we will be somewhere over the Atlantic, on our way to finally hold him.

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