Sunday, December 23, 2007

The busiest time of the year? I think so, too.

Let me start with Charlie Fekadu. Oh, how he is growing. It is amazing and scary and beautiful to witness. In the last couple of weeks, I have seen him become even more comfortable with us. He has been a total sweetie(most of the time, hehe...) He even sings Jingle Bells, and can pick out Christmas music on the radio. He calls it Santa song. His language is, as usual, out of this world. And he totally has the puppy dog face down. As soon as he sees he has done something that will most likely get him in trouble, he lays it on with the "I sowwy" and the eyes. It's almost impossible! Charlie is becoming more affectionate on his own, giving big hugs and lots of kisses. Although he does usually wipe the kiss off and grin at you. He is all in all just the most fun I have ever had.
Okay, on to his Christmas gift. I KNOW that Charlie is not even two yet, but the kid loves dogs. He LOVES them. And Adam and I have been wanting to add another being to our family...apparently we just can't have too many! Haha. Soooo, after some research and internet-ing, we found an adorable Weimeraner pup about 2 hours south of us and made the drive to pick him up. As soon as Charlie saw him, you could see love in the air. Now they are best pals, but we have to keep an eye on them to make sure neither one gets too rough. So far, so good. Adam has been great about starting to train him, since I am avoiding poop at all costs right now. Yep, Adam is now the offical diaper changer/pooper scooper. What a guy!!
Here are some photos of Charlie and his new buddy, Reese:
(For the record, it is almost impossible to get CF to smile for the camera. So, here is his smoldering look...)

Also on the agenda for the week was a special night I had planned for my best friends. I wanted to have some fun with them, so I made our destination a surprise...well, some of them figured it out, but it was still funny. We met at my house at 6, headed to Moe's for yummy football sized burritos, and then on to Centennial Park for ice skating. Now, some of my gals had done this and some had not, but it all made for hilarious pictures and great bonding time. I sat out to be on the safe side, and Joy sat with me. Thanks for being my co-cheerleader, Joy!
Here are a few of the pics from our night:

This group of women is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life. I love all of you to the core, and I look forward to next years outing! Maybe no Krystals this time though. Ouch.

ALSO in the week, we had our first ultrasound! How nervous was I? After 45 minutes in the waiting room, I had dreamed up all sorts of awful news they were sure to tell me. Two heads? No heads? All totally rational fears, I am sure.
As soon as I could make out the little splotch on the screen, I instantly felt better. Because inside that little splotch was a tiny, fast beating heart. It was amazing and emotional and such a relief. It is really too soon to make out any features in the photos, but I want to share our first pic anyway.
Our gorgeous little jelly bean:

And in other pregnancy news, I still feel like %$#^@*@ most of the time. I actually puked in the yard yesterday. Yeah, that's gross, but you know you wanted to know. Haha. I am tired, nauseated, and yes, cranky and emotional. I keep hearing, "Oh, this will all go away in about 4 more weeks!" Yayy. 4 weeks. Ahem. I have got to send a big fat thank you to my hubby and my sister and my friends whom I KNOW are tired of me whining, but are all completely making this much easier. Adam is Superdad, playing with Charlie and Reese, doing the dishes, making cookies, doing laundry, bringing me snacks. I know this is hard for him, but it means the world to me. I love yoooooooou.
More soon. Hope everyone is having a magical holiday. :)


Jess Addison said...

I love the puppy pics! Heck I love all the pics! Here's to a very Merry Christmas! And a boring, plain, non-active new year! haha xoxo

cathy said...

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the yard
Heather was puking
While holding her ultrasound card

Charlie the boy
And Reese the pup
Make lots of poop
For dad to clean up

Merry Christmas, girl!

Catherine and Dustin said...

Those are some really cute photos of Charlie and Reese! I also really liked seeing the photo of the little jelly bean! I can totally see it!

Cathy's poem is great too!

Handlyrics said...

The puppy is gorgeous. Like the name too.

Anonymous said...

Cute pup. Merry Christmas.

Deirdre said...

Oh my goodness, you've got a full plate, a few side dishes AND dessert! Reese is adorable, and I'm so happy that Charlie is slowly adding playmates to his circle. Congrats on everything!

Mama Papaya said...

Okay, both sets of eyes can not be easy to say no to. Good luck parents.

Merry belated Christmas to you.