Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shop with a Cause!

I was so thrilled earlier this year when one of my best friends in the world, Catherine, told me about their decision to adopt from Ethiopia. I know they will be amazing parents to a special little girl that will be thier daughter some day. I am honored to be able to offer support and advice throughout this crazy journey...Not to mention that our Charlie Fekadu will have another amazing connection to Et, right down the road from us. So, let's help this baby girl come home! Catherine and Dustin have registered with One Cause, which means when you register with their email address and shop online, a portion of our purchases will go toward thier adoption fund! How cool is that? is on the list, and you know you can get everything you need from there!
Please click HERE to view Catherine's blog, and their One Cause info is on the top right of thier blog...Please join in...Even if you are doing your shopping later, remember to log in first! It's easy, and it will really help!
Happy Shopping!!!

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