Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here we are...

Happy 1 week birthday, Mal!
Well, we are all still here and doing pretty great! I'm feeling really good, just s.o.r.e as you can imagine. I sometimes look at Mallory's head and think...how the hell? Sigh. Other than that, I feel good. Maybe a little cranky now and then, but hey...it's getting better.
On Mallory:
Mallory is (I hope I don't jinx it) a really, really good baby! She sleeps at night, wakes up to eat twice, and so far hasn't had any crying-for-no-apparent-reason fits. And when she is awake, she is so alert and funny. She's already trying to hold her head up some. She makes the sweetest little cooing sounds and gulps when she eats. Adam and I had both said before that we just weren't "newborn people", so we really didn't know what to expect. But of course, this girl has turned is both into mush. I have heard Adam plead with her a couple of times to just stay little, okay? And I can't seem to keep my face off of her little fuzzy head or stop breathing her in while she sleeps. Watching her little slow movements and seeing her look around, so wide eyed, is amazing. I don't know why I never got it before. She's just a tiny ball of love and sugar. Mush, I tell ya!
On CF:
Charlie is such a loving big brother. He likes to be the one to find her pacifier when she loses it (we caved on that issue). He always wants to hold her, which I have to limit a little, but he's okay with it. A few times this weekend when we had company over, he got a little irritated, demanding "What are you doing with MY baby?"
He's been a bit more, um...spirited than usual, but we are working with him and gently trying to ease him into a new routine. I know it's a lot for him right now, with preschool and Mal coming literally one day after another. What's a 2 year old to do? Our routine seems to be setting in, so I think he is feeling better already.
Here's one thing I do know...I would not even be sane enough to type this if Adam weren't home so much right now. He is working some, but has a lot of time off the next couple of weeks. It's amazing. We are doing it all 100% together and it feels great. I'm sure my hormones will make me have a meltdown on him at some point in the future, so before that happens...I love you, honey!! :)
More later! Between 2 sleeping kids and rain on the tin roof, all signs point to night-night time. Here are some pictures from this week:

One more thing...one of my blog friends, Rachel, posted something that took my breath away and gave me some amazing perspective. She really understands the connection between all of us, and I so appreciate this post.


Julie said...

Beautiful. I am so happy that things are going so well. She is so beautiful. How many times can I use 'so' in one comment?

Rachel Rocks too.

Christina said...

That Mallory is one seriously gorgeous gal.

Glad to see that everyone is doing so well. Charlie looks like a great big brother! Can't wait to see more updates!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the new pictures!!!

Rachel B.

Mrs. Baker said...

That yawn post is perfection.

Oye - the love between the two of you sure produces beauitful children - look at those two!!!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful girl!

Sarah :) said...

Hi, Heather! I'm SarahH from the forum. I don't visit your blog too often any more these days (no time!), but I just happened to stop by today and wow--what beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl and her beautiful big brother! Could they be more....beautiful??! I think not!

Now after that going on, it sounds a bit silly to say this, but I think that Charlie and our Thad resemble each other. Every once in awhile, you see another kid who came home from Ethiopia with similar features as your own, and for us, one of those kids is Charlie. :)

Our daughter is 6 months old now...wish we could sit in on a photo session with you!