Wednesday, August 20, 2008 what?

Talking to my MIL the other day, I remembered that next week will be one year since we took off for ET to pick up Charlie Fekadu. Then I remembered what we have done in that one year. Let's see:
Just before we left for Et, we decided to move out. Only since we were preparing to buy Adam's brother's house, we didn't want to go far. So, with our family and friends, we built a little cabin next to my in-law's place. We moved in...okay, well. Our amazingly sweet loved ones moved us in, as we were in ET when the carpet guy finally showed up.
Anyway, we finally got home and settled into the cabin for about 8 weeks. We were able to start moving in to the house in late October. It needed a good bit of touching up, so we painted and scraped and hung wallpaper and ordered carpet and cleaned and slept on the floor. It was a lot of work, and having Charlie there, I was very stressed about having it the way we wanted it. I was so ready to be settled.
Settled we were, on December 11th, as we were getting ready to go on our annual trip to Callaway Gardens for the holiday lights. I had been feeling rough for a few days, and finally dug a pregnancy test out of the back of my bathroom drawer. I had no doubt that it would be negative, like all the ones I have taken in the past. As you know, we were pleasantly surprised that day, and the holidays held much more reason for celebration.
In early spring, I got restless and took an idea for a photography business to a colleague. She loved it, and for the next several months, we worked every moment we could on it. It feels like another baby, only it's going to be a much longer pregnancy. Things are in the works, and I will eventually share that news as well.
Summer brought the usual pool parties (minus the margaritas for little ole me) and play dates with friends. Our kids are going to have to get along, because the mamas sure do have a blast. Hot mom club, WHAT! ;)
Finally, baby sister is here and all is...calm?

Wait, what?

I am supposed to

Like, take the kiddo to school and go work out at a gym? Or get a pedicure?
Cook dinner and tivo Lost? Have a (dare I say it) sex life??? I can watch Oprah again? Fingerpaint with Charlie? And (now I'm gettin' crazy) I could WORK?!

I don't have any lists to make, nothing special I need from Target, no last minute errands to run before we do whatever. No walls that need immediate painting. The anticipation, the worry (and the belly) are pretty much fading away and leaving me with this life. This amazing existence that both satisfies and terrifies me at the same time. Maybe I need something huge to be going on. What if I am boring without the big events? I hope not because I know our minds and bodies (and bank account) need a rest. I'm ready for boring, I think. I should reword that. What is boring about a two year old and a newborn and a hubby and great friends and family to share it all with? I'm right where I should be...but I know that there is more in my future.
It's good to be home.

On that note, there is a chilled bottle of champagne in my fridge that was given to me when Mallory was born. (Thanks, Mom). I think it's time to crack that baby open!


Mama Sweet Pea said...

I hear ya...there is something about the chase and the anticipation and excitment...and once that all settles, it can be pretty hard to vision normal..esp when you are a dreamer! So keep dreaming, but also enjoy each of those more mundane moments too, because amidst all the crazy, the little moments make a life.

Mrs. Baker said...

Oh love you nailed that on the head BIG TIME!!!

I was just taking about my sudden laziness almost bordering compaciency as of late.

Oh wow....really a fab post!!!

So you mind if I link to it on my blog????

Nicole Anderson said...

You are so good with words. We completed three adoptions in four years, and I have had a hard time adjusting back to "normal". It is always so nice to hear when someone else goes through the same thing. Thanks for a great post!
Enjoy the champaign!

Cindy said...

That is a great post! It is really odd to settle into normal life. Time with our babies goes by so blink and your baby is in school.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Sarah (and Mark) said...

You read my mind, Heather. We're in the tail end of renovations on our house and when they're done we will have adopted, given birth and added 50% onto our house in just over a year. It's hard to imagine a new normal, but I can't wait (ironically, isn't that still looking forward to something?). I too want to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes because as mama papaya said, it just does make a life. Thanks for blogging so thoughtfully, and I can't wait to hear about what you new business is!

Laurie said...

I love tuning in to one of my fav reality shows..(A Day at the Beauchamps" )just about as much as Jon and Kate + 8. I am on my planning period at work,,,and everyday I check your blog.
I relate to your writing. There is nothing fake, it's honest, never trying to be something you are not. I love it.

Christina said...

Great post Heather! I have a feeling when I get to that point I'll feel the same way you do.

Chatter said...

Well you know how much we had going on the last 18 months and I must say, I'm loving life back to normal. Sure there are days I start looking at houses, thinking about the next vacation. But I'm definitely enjoying that everything has slowed down (is that possible with 3 kids under 3?)

Anonymous said...

Very well said. With kids, every day brings new and exciting things. So, enjoy those days.


Catherine said...

I am alot like that too. I always have to have something going on or I just die of boredom. So much so that I usually end up with too much to do!

I feel ya!